Weekend Races

This past weekend I was involved with two races in Inverness. On Saturday I ran the Inverness parkrun and on Sunday Katrina ran in the Inverness Half Marathon.

Saturday – Inverness parkrun

I’ve been wanting to run this parkrun for ages but it never quite worked out so when I realised we are in Inverness this weekend as Katrina was running the Half Marathon it was perfect timing.

I have my first ultra next Saturday so again I like to do a parkrun the week before as it gives me a good indication of where my fitness is at.

I arranged to meet with good friend Ryan for a recce run before the race. We ran a couple of laps and Ryan pointed out the best line. The route is on grass and mud all the way round and there are 3 laps.

route 03-12 inverness parkrun

According to the results there were 139 running. I was advised by Gordon R to stay right at the first left hand turn. I realised it was going to be crowded so I started fairly near the front.

I could Ryan at the front leading the way and by half way round the first lap I reckon I was 10th with 3 guys just ahead of me.

The four of us ran together for the rest of the first lap and into the second lap but I was left behind a bit and by the end of the second lap I had slipped back a bit. I was feeling okay so continued to push as hard as I could.

I caught up with Billy S and pushed on. I wasn’t going to catch the guys ahead and hoped I would not get caught. During the third lap I caught up with a number of runners doing their second lap. I love seeing lots of children running with their parents.

I finished 9th in 20:37.  It was a very flat course but I reckon it’s harder than a hilly tarmac course like Pollok as underfoot it is softer and takes more energy to run faster.

Ryan finished 2nd ….

results parkrun 03-12

I did point out to Ryan though that according to the age graded results I finished ahead of him!!!

results parkrun 2 03-12

I really enjoyed the course and look forward to running it again. Ryan and I had a warm down lap together which was a great way to finish off the session.

ryan & john

Sunday – supporting Katrina

I was looking forward to supporting Katrina as she ran the Inverness Half Marathon. I realised looking at the course that I would be able to have a run and see here in 4 different places.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.33.32

I planned to run to mile 2 then cut across to mile 8 but run the loop in the opposite direction and see Katrina around mile 6 and then again at mile 8. I could then run to mile 11 before heading over the foot bridge to the finish.

It worked out really well and I managed 6.78 miles. I paused my watch each time I stopped.

route 03-13

Katrina had a good run finishing in 1:45:04 which was 5 mins slower than last year but her training has been hampered by a sore knee.


I really enjoyed supporting and cheering on everyone I saw. A number of people made comments about how often they saw me!

So a great weekend and a good couple of sessions as I build up to next Saturday. I’m planning a couple of easy runs Tuesday and Thursday before the race.

I have 75 guesses for my latest ‘Guess My Time’ competition. Remember you have until 6pm on Thursday to send in your guess.



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