Recovery week

I have four weeks between my big back to back weekend and the Hardmoors 160 race. To get the most out of that weekend and make sure I arrive at the start line in the best condition I can I wanted to make sure I don’t over do things.

Last week I had a recovery week when I ran three times Wednesday (6.16miles @ 8:11 pace), Thursday (5.30miles @ 8:11 pace) and Saturday (5.30miles @ 9:28 pace).

On Saturday’s run I ran with Hollie who is training for her first 10k in May. It was fun to run with her and pass on some of my tips!! After the run she said she prefers running with Mum as I was challenging her to run a bit faster!!


My plan this week is to have a slightly harder week with a run on the Kilpatricks on Saturday. Then my two week taper starts next week when I plan to run every other day.

We were visiting my Mum in Liverpool over the weekend as Katrina was running the Greater Manchester Marathon. Her knee has been very sore recently which has hindered her training and the race but she felt she did the best she could on the day and was happy to finish!

katrina Manchester 2016

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