Midweek Runs

I wanted to have a few more challenging runs this week before I start my two week taper next week so I did a couple of sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m off work this week so I was able to go out in the morning.

Wednesday – Tempo Run

I decided to do a 4 mile tempo run with an easy mile warm up and a mile and a half cool down. I went on my Paisley loop which means that the first mile of the 4 mile tempo was mainly uphill and harder to achieve my sub 7min per mile pace!

After the first mile I was able to pick up the pace and each mile was progressively faster. Here are my splits …

tempo 04-13

I felt I was working hard and my average heart rate of 148 for the 4 miles showed that. I was pleased to finish with a 6:30 final mile. My HR graph shows an increase in HR as I upped the pace which is what you would expect.

HR 04-14

Thursday – Hill Session at Brodie Park

I did my normal 4 loops of Brodie Park and decided to take the first one easy, the second one harder then easy and hard for the third and fourth.

My times for the 4 laps were …

  • Easy lap: 9:48
  • Hard lap: 8:43
  • Easy lap: 9:34
  • Hard lap: 8:20

I was happy with the session.

Tomorrow I have an 18 mile run on the Kilpatrick Hills to look forward to. Marco got in touch to ask did I want some company so it will be great to catch up with Marco. He said he has a slight change in the route to try out so I won’t be surprised if it ends up more than 18 miles!!

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