Kilpatrick Hills run with Marco

One of the many benefits of sharing my training plans on this blog is that sometimes people read it, get in touch and offer to run with me. That’s what happened for my run yesterday.

My good friend Marco read last week that I was planning to have a run on the Kilpatrick Hills and sent me a text asking whether I wanted some company. We have known Marco and Debs for several years now and early on we used to do a lot of training runs together.

Over the past few years Marco and Debs have got faster and stronger while I’m literally over the hill and trying to make the descent as shallow as possible for as long as possible!  So we haven’t run as much together as a few years ago as our training pace is different.

When Marco asks to run with me he knows it will be an easier run for him and that’s fine. It actually fitted in well yesterday as Marco is building back up again after his recent 100k.

We met at the car park at 8am. Well I was there for 8am …. Marco rocked up at 8.05am which is really punctual for him!!

04-16 start

The sun was shining and we were both looking forward to our run together. We set off to do the 18mile loop that Marco showed me quite a few years ago but as the run progressed we realised that the run I have been doing is not the one that Marco thinks I’ve been doing!

The first 9 miles was the same to the Whangie trig point but from there we ran the original route that I remember doing the very first time Marco took me on this route. But somewhere over the past few years Marco sent me a gps of a different route which I’ve been doing for quite a while now.

Here are the two routes on the same map …kilpatricks comparison

The red one is the one I’ve been doing and the green one is the route we took yesterday. You can just about see the green one under the red one for the first 9 miles.

Anyway I really enjoyed having another route to follow and I’ll be able to choose which one to do next time I’m on the Kilpatricks.

I ran the red route at the beginning of March and I struggled quite a bit. The first 9 miles took me just over 2hrs and I remember having to walk bits I knew I should be running.

It was really encouraging yesterday to be able to run smoothly and feel a lot more comfortable. We reached the same 9 mile point in 1:47.

It was great running with Marco as we were chatting the whole way round and the miles flew by. Marco was running all the hills whereas I was happy to walk up most of them so a few times Marco would run up and wait for me at the top.

Marco took a photo at the top off one such climb ….John - Kilpatricks

There was one slight change that Marco wanted to try out which worked really well. Instead of running on the main road towards Milngavie for half a mile we went straight up past a farm and onto the track in the photo above.

The overall distance was just over 19miles which was ideal for my final longer run before the Hardmoors 160 which is less than two weeks away now!

Thanks for a great run Marco!

04-16 end

I am now in taper mode for the Hardmoors 160. My plan is to have an easy run every other day for the next two weeks.

I will be opening my ‘Guess My Time’competition tomorrow. Keith from has offered another superb prize so watch out for that.

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1 Response to Kilpatrick Hills run with Marco

  1. Marco says:

    Great run JK. Really enjoyed it and great company. You are looking good for the race in 2 weeks. Enjoy the taper. 😀

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