Midweek runs

This is my first week back into training after the Hardmoors 160.  I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew as today’s run (Thursday) felt really tough.

Here is a summary of my three runs so far this week ….

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

I was looking forward to getting back to the club as my last session was early March. The session was 3 x 10mins so that was quite a good one to come back to. Donald is planning out the sessions for the club and is doing a great job.

For the run we used the track behind the On-X centre but this time went into the woods and ran the circuit that is going to be used for a new parkrun which will be starting soon.

route 05-16

There were a good group of us. For the first 10min I took it steady and averaged 7:03 pace. On the second 10min I pushed a bit harder and managed 6:43. I decided to try and stay with Grant and he helped me round with an average pace of 6:30.

My calves though were really burning by the end and the cool down lap felt pretty hard. Over the past two months I haven’t done much speed work as I was building up to the HM 160 and then recovering from it.

fartlek 05-16

Anyway it was good to be back and I was pleased that I was running a bit quicker.

Wednesday – Lunchtime Tempo Run

I wanted to do a tempo run so decided on an easy mile followed by a harder mile x 3. My calves still felt quite sore and my legs heavy in general but I was please with my effort.

Thursday – Lunchtime Run

I wore my trail shoes and ran my off road Pollock Park route. Right from the start I was struggling. My legs felt really heavy and my right knee was sore. My calves and groin were also a bit tender so all in all felt a bit of a crock!

I made it round and it did get a bit easier  but it made me realise that it will be a while before I feel fully recovered from the Hardmoors 160. It is less than 3 weeks since I started the race so that’s to be expected I suppose.

I am a little concerned about my right knee. I’ve not had this pain before but I’m hoping it will ease off sooner rather than later!

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