Key week in my training plan

With my next ultra four weeks away this week and next will be key weeks in my build up to the race. Next Saturday I’m planning a run around the Arrocher Alps route which will give me four Munros.

This week it was good to be back at the club for a Fartlek session which I mentioned in my last post. On Wednesday I was out early before work and ran a Tempo run. I decided to do an easy warm up mile then two miles at Tempo pace, followed by a recovery mile before another two miles at Tempo pace.

I was aiming to run the Tempo effort at under 7min per mile. I always find it harder to get going on a run like this straight from waking up but I had a meeting over lunch time and wanted to watch the Olympics after work so this was the only time I could fit it in!

I was happy with my effort. Here are my stats ….

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 07.11.41

The first mile of the first effort has the biggest ascent so is often a little slower. Strava very helpfully compares all your runs on the same route. I do this route a lot so I found it interesting to see how this run compared to all the previous ones.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.02.46

I was pretty happy with my effort and feel as though I’m running well at the moment.

On Thursday night I was back to Ben Lomond for another trip up and down the Ben. I was on my own this time. The weather was pretty grim at the top with very high winds and rain.

Last week with Cammie it took us 1hr 26mins to reach the top via the Ptarmigan Ridge so I was keen to push a bit harder and see how much quicker I could go. Despite the strong winds at the top I was 10mins faster which was encouraging!

I was hoping to be quicker on the way down as well but the rocks were very wet so I decided to be a bit more cautious especially as I’d only got the stitches out of my hand the day before!

So I was down in 55mins compared to 52mins last week. But I didn’t fall so that was the good thing! I went down the new path they are making on the bottom third of the route. It feels very similar to the new they built over Conic Hill.

There is a new path up the tourist track which is not actually open yet but as it was nearer 7pm when I descended I decided to see what it was like. The alternative path is on grass and I figured it would be very slippy.

It is a very good path and feels very similar to the new path over Conic hill. It is quite slippy still but like the Conic Hill one will take a few months to bed in.

I was very wet and quite cold when I got back to the car so it was good to be able to have a quick change before driving home for a shower and some food.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 16.51.04

On Saturday I was up on the Gleniffer Braes for an off road run. On my Ben Lomond run I noticed that the sole of my left shoe was coming away so I got out a new pair of Skechers Go Run Ultras.

Sketchers Go Run Ultra (Blue)

I wanted to do at least 16 miles so I did my 12 mile loop and instead of adding on another smaller loop I decided to do a couple of hill reps.

I felt pretty strong on the large loop and felt ready for the couple of hill reps. It was 0.72 miles up with 177ft of climb. The first rep took me 6:32 up and 5:47 down. For the second rep I was up in 6:40 and down in 5:25 so felt it was a good effort.

Braes selfie 08-13

Here is a photo of the profile for the run.

profile 08-13

On Sunday I did a steady run on Sunday afternoon. I would normally do my run before church but I’d been up until 4am watching the Athletics from Rio so decided to go after watching the Women’s Marathon.

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