Midweek runs

I was keen to have a solid week of training this week with the Wooler Marathon coming up in a couple of weeks.

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

I could feel my legs from Sunday’s hilly run with Richie but by the time I’d done the warm up I was feeling okay so push hard. The session was 3 x [1min (30sec recovery), 2min (1min), 3min (90secs), 4min (2min)]

There was a good group of us working hard. I spent the session chasing Ryan who is running great at the moment.

Stats for the session …


I was really happy with my effort and felt pretty strong right to the end. I almost made the 5mile mark for the 30mins!

Wednesday – Tempo run after work

As I set off for my run after work I felt really good so decided to have a mile warm up and then run at Tempo pace for 5 miles and see how long I could keep the pace up.

After the first hilly mile I was able to keep the pace under 7mins per mile so was really pleased with that.


Thursday – Off road run at lunchtime

I had bought a new pair of Skechers Go Run Ultra 2 and was keen to give them a run before my longer run on Saturday.

So I ran at lunchtime around my off road route around Pollok Park. They were really comfortable right from the first step. Skechers have brought out a Go Run Ultra 3 but I really like the Go Run Ultra 2 so I’ve bought a couple of pairs on EBay so I’ll be okay for a while!


The Go Trail Ultra 3 does look an interesting shoe but I would like to try them on before buying some. One of the reasons I like the Go Run Ultra 2 is the wide foot box which is great for my bunion so I hope the latest edition still has a wide foot box.





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