Glee Club & other runs

I’ve had a good first week of 2017 with 50.02 miles run. Th is must be my biggest week for awhile and it feels good to be running 5 times a week again and feel it has set up for the year!

Monday – Steady run

As I was still off work I was able to have a leisurely breakfast and set off at 9am. I was keen to run it nice and easy so listened to a Marathon Talk podcast which I mainly enjoyed. The discussion about possible drug cheating in cycling didn’t inspire me too much. I wish they would keep to running!

Wednesday – Steady run

I had to get some new tyres and a new battery for my car so I decided to go for a run while it was being done so felt it was a good use of time!

Thursday – hill reps

I was back in work but able to get out at lunch time. I ran to Pollok Park and did 4 reps of the hill in front of Pollok House. Each run was up, down, up, down and took me around 4mins. I had a 2 min recovery.

I pushed fairly hard but not flat out as I wanted to make this my bench mark which hopefully I’ll improve on as the year goes on.

My 4 laps were 4:05, 4:02, 3.55 and 3:44

Saturday – Glee Club Run

I’ve never run with the official Glee Club but Lesley and Katrina were keen to go so I thought it would be fun to join them. Plus Cammie was keen to join us so Lesley drove us all there.

We arrived at the car in time to join the group who were running up the 2miles up the road to top car park where the run officially started.

I really enjoyed the run, chatting with lots of folks over the four and a half hours. I was an excellent route which we all really enjoyed.

Here is the route and some photos …











Sunday – Run on the Braes

Last night my good friend Steven Hill sent me a text asking whether I would like some company for my run on the Braes. I replied straight away, ‘Yes please!’.

We set off just after 7.30am in the dark and we both really enjoyed the run and the chat. I’ve not run with Steven for a while and I thought he looked very comfortable all the way round. He is running really well at the moment. He ran 19:55 with Isla in the buggy yesterday which is a cracking time.

It was a bit muddy in places. Infact at one point I my shoes got stuck in the mud and I had to pull it out!


I have ran 50.02 miles this week which I’m pleased with. I want to build up slowly over the next few weeks and months but it feels good to get a solid start to the year.



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1 Response to Glee Club & other runs

  1. james smith says:

    great first week john,thats pretty hardcore for the first week back,well done,keep up the good work.the photo,s look great,excellent area to do your training.

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