Weekend runs on the Gleniffer Braes

Saturday Run – with friends

Katrina, Cammie and Lesley joined me for my Saturday run. We left just after 8am in clear but cold conditions. There was a good layer of snow on the Braes which made it easier to run. Plus the sun was rising over the hills as we ran which made it very special.

I’m really enjoying running with friends for my longer runs. I spent the whole run chatting to Lesley or Cammie. They are both doing the West Highland Way race for the first time this year and it’s great to be able to chat to them about what its like.

Katrina is training for the Inverness Half and Stirling Marathon but is enjoying being on the trails so decided to join us.

I felt really good all the way round which was encouraging at this stage of my training. Katrina and Lesley headed back down after our large loop so they ran just under 12 miles.

Cammie and I did an extra loop and ended up running 15.86 miles which was the plan.

Here is the route and some photos ….








Sunday – solo run

My friend Steven decided on a longer road run this morning so I was on my own. I decided to do my loop the other way round for a change and I also listened to the latest podcast from TalkUltra.

All the snow from yesterday had completely gone which seemed strange just a day later. It made parts of the route a bit muddier.

I kept up a decent pace without pushing super hard. There is a long way to go to April then June so I’m happy to build up my stamina slowly.

I saw 3 mountain bikers on the route which is the first time for ages. It’s good to see people using the trails.


Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.53.50.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.54.01.png

Summary of runs

  • Saturday: 15.86 miles in 3:16:29 (12:22 pace)
  • Sunday: 11.65 miles in 2:03:35 (10:36 pace)
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