Summary of midweek runs

This is my third week of running 5 times a week again and I feel I’ve settled into a good pattern. This week was the first time I was able to get to the club on a Monday night for our  Fartlek session which was actually a hill reps session.

Monday – Club hill session

There was a good group of us running which always helps to keep the effort honest and working hard. The session was a bit different than our normal one. We ran a couple of miles to a hill which we call Brookfield Hill near the hospital.

The hill was about 0.15 miles which included a short downhill bit once we’d gone over the top. The road to the crest of the hill was fairly clear but once over the top it did get a bit muddy and slippery.

Some of the group stopped at the top but I decided to do the full run each time. In my mind I broke it down to 4 sets of 4.  I was happy that I kept working hard right to the end of the set.


Looking at the splits I got faster as the session progressed which is good news. We were all filthy by the end of the session so Donald joked that he wasn’t responsible for any washing machines packing in trying to clean our kit!!

Wednesday – Lunchtime Tempo Run

I was able to run at lunchtime which means a daylight run which is a bonus. I decided to do a mile warm up, 2 miles at Tempo pace aiming for around 7mins per mile, a recovery mile then another couple of miles at Tempo pace.

I was working hard on the Tempo efforts and happy with my run.


There are a few cheeky hills on this route so it was a solid workout.

Thursday – hill run

As we had done some hill reps on Monday I decided to do my off road loop around Pollok Park at lunchtime today but working hard on the hills as I ran round.

As I finished the run I realised my watch showed 5.98 miles but I have got over my OCD of having to run the extra 0.02 mile to round it up. I was proud of myself that I can live with 5.98 miles!!

So another good run in very mild conditions for this time of year.


  • Monday: Hill reps – 8.96 miles
  • Wednesday: Tempo Run – 6.18 miles
  • Thursday: Off road Hill run – 5.98 miles



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