Kilpatrick and Gleniffer Braes runs

This weekend I had planned a Saturday run on the Kilpatricks and a Sunday run on the Gleniffer Braes and they were very different in weather and conditions!

Saturday – Kilpatrick Run with Cammie

We had been invited out for lunch so to fit in our 18miles loop Cammie and I met at 7.30am ready to run. It was dark as we set off but within a few minutes it was light enough to see fine.

It was a cold but beautiful morning especially once the sun had come up. We decided to do my original 18 mile loop that Marco first showed me. The last time I ran with Marco he showed me a different second half of the loop so we will do that one next time.



We settled into a steady pace and we both really enjoyed the lovely morning. The cloud was hanging in the valley below and once the sun had come up it was fairly warm.

I’m impressed with Cammie’s preparation for his first West Highland Way race. In each long run he is trying out various food and drink. In this run he had some lovely homemade soup of sweet potato and red lentil. Even better he shared it with me! The other thing he tried was a tube of condensed milk but I’m glad he didn’t share that one!

As we approached the Whangie at the far end of our loop we were back into the mist and it was significantly cooler. Once we climbed back up and headed back to our cars it was clear again so we felt sorry for the family we saw walking up the Whangie as they were going to be in the cloud for their walk.

We made it back to the car in four hours which gave me enough time to get home, have a shower and make to our friends for lunch. We went for a walk in the afternoon which I think was really good for recovery.

These photos don’t quite do justice to the views but here they are.


Sun just starting to make its appearance and the moon still visible


The sun rising behind Cammie & I


Cammie practicing finishing the West Highland Way 


As we approached the Whangie the cloud was all over the valley


View towards Ben Lomond


Me with Ben Lomond poking above the clouds

We both really enjoyed the run and we are looking forward to our next Kilpatricks run in a few weeks time!

Sunday – Gleniffer Braes

The conditions were very different this morning when I set off in the dark at 7.30am. I was on my own for this run so decided to listen to a ‘Science of Ultra’ podcast. The one I listened to was an interview with American runner Mike Wardian.

As I listened I was amazed at how many races he ran last year and not just ran them but ran them really fast. For starters he set the record for the fastest cumulative time for the 6 marathon majors, ran three 100 mile races in 29 days plus loads and loads of other races.

Mike spoke a lot of sense about nutrition, training, recovery etc but I found it amazing just how many races he runs every year. I assumed he was a full time athlete but he said he has a full time job and a young family. Anyway well worth a listen!

I was expecting my legs to feel a bit heavy after yesterdays run and walk but I was really encouraged that I felt really strong. I set myself the goal of running all the way round and pretty well kept to it.

I was encouraged that my heart rate was 121 for the whole run which I was pleased with. There was a fine covering of snow all over the Braes and the visibility was zero so very different to yesterday’s sunshine!

It was also good to see so many others runners on the Braes this morning. I have been running regularly on the Braes for over 10 years and normally it is rare to see any other runners.

This morning I saw a girl with a back pack who looked to be out for a decent length run, 2 guys then 3 guys and then a mixed group of about 10 runners. Plus a mountain biker! Its getting busy up there which is good to see.

This run took me to just over 50 miles for the week and I’m looking forward to one more bigger week finishing with the West Highland Way training weekend before having an easier week.

  • Saturday – 17.94 miles (13:22 pace) HR 118
  • Sunday – 11.82 miles (10:19 pace) HR 121
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