Encouraging Runs this week

This is my fourth week of more serious training and I felt the benefits of consistent running in my three runs so far.  My plan for January was to have four weeks of running 5 times a week with longer back to back off road runs at the weekend finishing with Saturday’s 30 mile run as part of the West Highland Way training weekend at Balmaha.

Next week will be an easy recovery week then for the next 5 weeks I’m going to concentrate on the National Cross Country on Saturday 25th February and the Inverness Half Marathon on Sunday 12th March. Once they are out of the way I’ll build up to the Fling and then the West Highland Way.

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

The session this week was 5 x [2mins (1min recovery), 4mins (2mins)]. There was a good group of us running which is always good as it gives you some to chase and some to keep ahead of.

I ran a lot with Gino. He was either just ahead or not far behind so I think we really helped each other keep the pace up. On the final 4min effort I thought I’d got away from him but with a minute or so to go I could hear him right on the shoulder so I had to work hard to not let him past!!


I was really happy with the session especially as I’d run almost 30 miles over the weekend.

Wednesday – Lunchtime Tempo Run

I decided to make the tempo effort another mile longer than last week so I went for a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles @ Tempo effort, a mile recovery then 1 more mile @ Tempo effort.

I found it hard work on the final mile of the 3 miles but pleased to see that I kept the pace consistent.


Last week my average pace for the 2 mile Tempo effort was 6:54 so happy to see I was 9 secs a mile faster.

Thursday – Lunchtime Off Road run

I love the fact that I can do an off road run from work around Pollok Park and hardly have to run on tarmac at all. Even the half mile from my school to the park nabs back I can run the majority of it on grass.

With the weekend in mind I decided to do a steady run rather than some hill reps but I changed the route a little bit to add in some hills which was good.


Tomorrow Katrina and I head over to Balmaha for the weekend to join the West Highland Way training weekend.  On Saturday we will join 80-90 others running from Balmaha to Inversnaid and back.

This will be the fifth time I have done this training route at the end of January so it’s interesting (for me!) to compare how I’ve got on. 3 out of the 4 runs I’ve completed around 6hrs but in 2014 I did it in 5hrs 15mins.

That was mainly because I was doing the Hardmoors Grand Slam that year and had already run the Hardmoors 30 on New Year’s Day and was in training for the Hardmoors 55 in March.

It will be helpful and will give me an idea of where my fitness is compared to previous years. Here is a comparison of my 2013 run compared to 2014.



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