Back on track

My knee continued to be sore for a few days so I didn’t run on Thursday or Saturday as planned but it felt okay to run on Monday.

Monday – 9 miles run with Katrina and Tracey

I didn’t want to do the club speed session as I was still a little concerned about how my knee would react. Katrina and Tracey were also happy to have a run from home so we set off just before 5pm.

The plan was to do a 5 miles loop and if my knee felt okay we would all do another smaller loop but it gave me the option to stop.

After about 4 miles I decided my knee was coping alright so we extended the loop and ran just over 9 miles. Once I’d stopped and had a shower my knee was sore again and I wondered whether I really should have rested it a couple more days.

I decided to put an ice pack on it and hey presto it felt so much better almost immediately and it has got better day by day.

I think I must have jarred it going over Conic Hill but I’m pleased that it wasn’t anything too serious.

Wednesday – Tempo Run after work

As my knee was feeling so much better I decided to push the pace a bit and try a tempo run. I went back to my 1 mile easy, 1 mile at tempo pace times 3. The speed wasn’t too great compared to a couple of weeks ago but I was more than happy with the effort!


There was only the slightest twinge from my knee and once again an ice pack sorted it out.

Thursday – Lunchtime run with Jonny

My good friend and work colleague Jonny was keen to join me for a run around Pollok Park. We did the off road version and Jonny showed me a new route into the park which involved a good hill effort and run through the forest.


We both really enjoyed the run and the opportunity to catch up on various bits of news. Over the last few years we have run a lot together while Jonny was joining me in the ultra races but now he has decided to take a break we’ve not been out for runs as much. Hopefully this will be a regular run.

I was really pleased to note that my knee feels completely fine now especially as we are joining the Glee Club tomorrow for a run starting at Kinlochard.

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