Running, food and free samples

Let’s start with running. I’ve had two more good runs after my Kilpatricks run with Cammie on Saturday.

Sunday – early morning run on the Braes

As I was on my own for my 2hr run I decided to listen to a couple of podcasts to keep me company. The first one was the latest whwrace episode I did with James Stewart. I always enjoy listening to them after I’ve recored the interview as during the interview I’m often thinking about the next question and don’t take in all the answer!

James was excellent with lots of helpful advice and thoughts about his running. One of things I took away was he said in reply to a question about his favourite training session that he enjoys his long runs but Paul Giblin, his coach, gets him to have harder efforts within the long run. So as I listened I tried to push harder for a couple of miles within my 11 mile run.

Once I’d finished that podcast I listened to episode of the Trail Runner Nation. I was really interested in it as it was an interview with Nicky Spinks with the title ‘What is Fell Running?’

It was so funny listening to Nicky trying to explain to a couple of Americans what running in the fells is all about. There were so many terms that Nicky had to explain to them.

It certainly kept me entertained for a good hour or so as I ran round the Gleniffer Braes. I would recommend a listen.

Monday – run after work at Whitelee Windfarm

At the last Glee Club Stan was telling Jamie Aarons and I about the windfarm and how good it is for running. Jamie said that she often works near there and would I be interested in a run one night after work.

So when Jamie sent me a text last week saying she was going to be there on Monday night and would I like to join her I replied yes! Normally I would be running with Kilbarchan on a Monday night but as it is the National Cross Country on Saturday I had decided to have an easier run instead so it fitted in well.

We met just after 3.30pm in the car park. Jamie had taken her dogs Pirate and Hope for a walk to check whether Pirate could join us as he had been limping a bit. In the end she decided to leave Pirate in the car and just take Hope.

There is a 8 mile loop around one of the reservoirs so that was the route we took.


It was pretty obvious as soon as we got out of our cars why they built a windfarm here!  It was very windy and as we were doing a loop we had the wind on our backs which was great and straight in our faces which wasn’t quite so great especially when it coincided with a hill!

We paused for a photo half way round. We really enjoyed our loop and I will certainly be back for more. There are almost 200 turbines so plenty of miles to be run.


We timed it just about right as it started to rain quite heavily as we finished so it was good to get in a warm car and drive home. Thanks for the invite and company Jamie.

Food – homemade sweet potato brownie

During my interview with James Stewart he mentioned that his neighbour makes an amazing sweet potato brownie. Amanda Hamilton asked for the recipe so when George Houston posted it on Facebook I decided to have a go, with Katrina’s help, to make it.

Here is our attempt …


It is delicious even if doesn’t look too great on this photo. It is nice and soft with all the fruit so hopefully will be something tasty to eat on long runs.

For anyone interested here is the recipe from George Houston …

Bake a sweet potato (bigger the better, particularly if you are fuelling an ultra demon like James) for an hour or until it is nice and soft. Take the skin off and put the potato in a bowl – mash it up along with 100g of soft dark brown sugar until it is blended together. Then add 100g of plain flour and a teaspoon of baking powder and mix thoroughly. Add two eggs and mix those in well and then add your choice of dried fruit – I use mixed fruit or sultanas and raisins. Then add chopped walnuts (measurement – a good “wad”) and then melt 100g of good Dark chocolate (80%+ cocoa) – mix in well and then I grate in the rind of a full orange and mix it in too. Chuck it in an oven at 200ish for 25-30 minutes and then take them into your next door neighbour. That’s what I do anyway – enjoy!!

Free Samples

I think my blog must have been put on a list or something as over the past couple of weeks I’ve a few people contacting me offering me gear to try out or books to read so watch out for some reviews coming soon.

I can never say no to something free!!

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1 Response to Running, food and free samples

  1. Pierre PAPAÏX says:

    Dear John, you’ve got roughly the same age than me and I ask myself: are you never TIRED?!!!!!!
    Très bonne journée à vous et à toute l’Ecosse! Pierre.

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