Weekend runs on the Gleniffer Braes

Over the weekend I’ve had a couple of runs on the Gleniffer Braes both setting off at 7.30am but the two runs were quite different.

Saturday – 15.66 miles with Cammie & Lesley

It was great to have company again for this run on the Gleniffer Braes. As I mentioned before Cammie and Lesley are doing the whw race for the first time this year so a lot of the chat is around the race.

Lesley ran the Glentress Marathon last Saturday and it was a tough race both physically with lots of hills and also mentally as it’s two laps which is always hard. It fact Lesley was saying that 44 people stopped after 1 lap and took a medal for doing the half.

I was very impressed that Lesley, even though she hadn’t been feeling too good all week, stuck it out and completed the second lap.

The underfoot conditions on the Braes was really wet and muddy so it was quite hard going at times but we kept a decent pace up all the way round.  We met Grant MacDonald who was also out for a long run.

I had one slip in the mud on the way round so that’s why I look the muddiest of the three of us!


I also took a photo of Cammie and Lesley as they crossed over the wooden bridge. I must encourage them to look up!



We were all encouraged by the run and I can definitely see that both Cammie and Lesley are running stronger as the weeks go by.

Sunday 11.85 miles on my own

I was hoping to push the pace a bit and see how I felt but the ground was just too wet and muddy so it was a bit frustrating to be honest so I was happy to get round and home for a shower before heading to church.

Finally congratulations to Laura Muir on her double gold at the European Indoor Championships. Laura is coached by a good friend and Active Schools colleague Andy Young. I’ve met Laura a few times through Andy and I’ve really enjoyed following her career.


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