Weekend Runs from Alness

With two weeks to go before my first ultra of the year, the Highland Fling, I was keen to do one final longer run. I got in touch with my good friend Ryan and asked him whether he fancied a run from Alness … and we invited Bekki & Orrin for lunch after the run.

Loop from Alness including Fryish Hill

Ryan and I set off just after 9.30am. It was windy and with some rain in the air but after 45 mins or so of running it cleared up and we had great weather for the rest of the run.

I had worked out a route which would take us over Fryish Hill and then headed back to Alness via the woods alongside the river.


The profile shows the climbing we did.


I really enjoy running with Ryan as we always have loads to chat about and the miles fly by. I was encouraged with how I was feeling. We were averaging 10min miles which is a good effort for me. Ryan was crusing along!

The views from the top were great but as it was pretty windy and cold up there we kept moving!  I took a few video clips so I’ll upload those later.


So that was my final longer run before the Fling. I’m going to run with Katrina tomorrow. She has 14 miles to run so I’m going to do the first 8 miles or so with her.

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