Summary of our second week in Bali

We continue to really enjoy our holiday in Bali visiting Emma, Yonas and Noah. Here is a summary of our second week.

Sunday 9th July
In the afternoon we drove to Kuta to attend the Hillsong Church. It was a long drive as the traffic was pretty busy. We had a drink before the service. It was good to visit and a guy John, from Australia, spoke on Jacob and was really good.

The journey back was also quite long so I don’t think Emma & Yonas will be doing that every week!

Monday 10th July
We had to return the bikes to Ubud today so I cycled the 15miles while Katrina’s bike went in the car. Katrina’s seat and set up meant it wasn’t very easy to ride so that was the best option.


I went a slightly different route which past lots of different shops selling kites and wood sculptures. It was really interesting.

I met up with the rest of the family in Ubud and we went off for a lovely lunch. We do like Ubud! There are lots of really interesting shops and lots of people wandering around.


Tuesday 11th July
In the morning after playing with Noah I wrote my book review on ‘The Running Revolution’ for my blog. I will do one on Steve Birkinshaw’s book soon. I’m reading ‘Marathon Woman’ by Kathy Switzer which is excellent. Again book review to come!

Yonas’ brother works in a lovely hotel in Sanur so he was able to book us into a deluxe room for two nights which gives us the chance to have a few days on our own and Emma to have a break!



Emma & Noah came with us to the hotel and we all enjoyed a swim in the hotel pool before having a wander down to the beach and some food before they headed home and we retired to our hotel.

Wednesday 12th July
Hollie’s 25th birthday! Yet another year when we are not with her. I’ve lost count of the number of different countries she has celebrated her birthday. This year she is in Ruwanda where she is part of an group of teachers who have gone to support local teachers. It sounds as though she is having a great time!

After our superb hotel breakfast we hired a coulple of bikes for the day and went for a ride down the length of Sanur beach which was good fun.


I found a guy who was hiring Windsurfers so I took one out for an hour. I used to windsurf fairly regularly before I met Katrina which is over 30 years ago! It took me a few minutes to get going but once I did I was away and loved it. There was a constant wind and plenty to get a good speed up.


We then went for lunch at the Bread Basket which was Hollie’s favourite place to eat when she visited in Easter. So we have a sandwich to celebrate her birthday!

After lunch we went to Hardys store which is a famous shop in Sanur which seeks everything. As we walked in this guy offered us a couple of scratch card type things. We opened them to discover that I had won 2 t-shirts and vouchers for 200,000 (about £12). When Katrina opened hers she had won the star prize. Either a 7 day hotel in a Karma Hotel or a GoPro Camera or 2,000,000 in cash (£120).

We were excited. Well I was hoping that it was the GoPro!! To collect out prize we had to go to the hotel which seemed fair enough. Before we knew what was happening we were in a taxi heading to the hotel.

I assumed it was the one in Sanur but no it was about 30mins away! On the way there I did have second thoughts thinking that this could be a trap and we were about to be kidnapped!

It was nothing as sinister as that but just before we arrived the agent said that to get our prize we would have to talk to another agent for an hour about becoming members of the Karma group!!

Now we understood what this was about but in for a penny! Our representative Frank turned out to be a really nice guy from Glasgow in his 60’s . He realised pretty soon that we had no intention of becoming members so we chatted for the regulation hour before she was able to let us go!

The prize Katrina won was a 7 day holiday in one of 5 resorts. One of them is in Germany so we are going to look into that one and if we can find some reasonable flights we might use it! I was disappointed it wasn’t the GoPro!!

We had a taxi back to Hardys where we had left our bikes. We spent the vouchers and continued on our way. So a three hour excursion which was actually quite fu in the end and gave us a glimpse of the luxury some people enjoy on holiday! All the hotels are 5 star and very posh!!

In the evening we had a lovely meal on the beach before heading back to our hotel to watch another episode of Designated Survivor and follow Murray’s quarter final game on my phone. It was sad to see he lost in five sets but it sounded as though his hip injury flared up again.

Thursday 13th July
We spent a relaxing morning at the hotel reading and having a swim. He hcecked out at 12pm and hired bikes again for the day. This time I got one with a child’s seat as we were going to meet the rest of their family later.

We enjoyed a ride along the beach and then met Emma, Yonas & Noah at the Bread Basket for lunch. After lunch Katrina & I took Noah for a bike ride. Noah loved it and was busy chatting away and pointing at lots of things, especially dogs, as we cycled along the beach.


We met up again with Emma & Yonas and then they went off to meet their American friends Brad & Jana. We joined them for a meal and then headed home.

Friday 14th July
Katrina & I had booked in to do the Green School tour. It lasted just over an hour and it was so good to be able to see where Emma will be teaching. It is an amazing school with a very interesting educational outlook as well and some amazing bamboo architecture.

I did a video of our visit with more photos which again I’ll upload when I can.

It was fun to think that Noah will be going to this school as well. They have a pre-kindergarten so he’ll be able to start that when he is 3.

We spent the rest of their day relaxing at home but we did have an afternoon outing to our favourite juice cafe.

In the evening we played our card game and then had a FaceTime chat with Jo who is staying at our house in Paisley. Jono is building new cupboards for us and they are looking great!

Saturday 15th July
Yonas is taking Brad & Jana to the airport so we are having an easy morning. I wrote up my book review of Steve Birkinshaw’s book while listening to podcasts from Le Tour de France, Wimbledon and the Test March against South Africa.

In the afternoon Emma & Yonas took us on a trip to an amazing water. Tegenungan was about 30mins away and we had such a good time. I did a video of our trip which I’ll try and upload at some point but here are a few photos.



Sunday 16th July
Our plan today is to have a relaxing morning while Noah sleeps and then have another trip to Ubud where Katrina & I plan to have another massage.

We continue to enjoy various games in the evening with our favourite being a rummy type card game. I’m also happy to report that I have won a few games!!

While we are away our son-in-law Jono has been busy building a new cupboard in our bedroom. It is looking great! Thanks Jono.




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