Summary of our third week in Bali

We continue to love our time in Bali. Here is a summary of week three. We spent four nights on Lembongan Island which is a 40 min boat ride away from Sanur. Emma & Yonas had never been to the island so it was a treat for them too.

Sunday 16th July
In the afternoon we spent a few hours in Ubud. Katrina and I went for another massage while Emma, Yonas & Noah wandered round the shops and had an ice cream.

We stopped off at our favourite juice shop on the way home. In the evening once Noah was tucked in bed we had a game of Settlers which Emma won!!

Monday 17th July
We were up at 6am and out the door having had breakfast and a shower for 7am. Our ferry to Lembongan wasn’t until 9am but Yonas needed to drop us off and then leave his car with his brother while we were away.

The ferry left on time and was fairly choppy on the way over to Lembongan. We had a bit of a wait for our hotel to send someone for us so in the end Yonas hired a bike and we got ourselves to Taos House which wasn’t too far away.


The hotel was lovely with big clean rooms and an excellent pool.


After we had settled in and had a swim Katrina and I walked down to Dream beach which was about a 15min walk. Emma, Yonas & Noad came down by bike a bit later.

Dream beach is a lovely spot with very strong waves crashing into the beach. Yonas and I braved the waves and it was great fun.


We had a lovely meal out and once Noah was settled in bed played a game of Rummy which Yonas won convincingly.

Tuesday 18th July
We hired scooters for the day and spent the morning exploring the island. It isn’t that big so it only takes 20mins to drive from one end to the other. We ended up at Mushroom beach where we had some lunch and went for a swim.


While Noah slept Katrina & I went back to Mangrove Beach at the top end of the island and went for a boat tour of the Mangrove swamp. It was so peaceful and relaxing and cool as the trees provided a shade from the sun.


When Noah woke up we returned to Dream beach for a play in the sand and another swim. For our evening meal Katrina & I made use of the bike and went back over the yellow bridge and found a lovely resteraunt over looking the sea.

Wednesday 19th July
I fancied doing a snorkeling trip but as no-one else was keen I went on my own. I joined about 12 other tourists and we visited 3 sites over the next 3 hours. Each site was slightly different and we saw lots of amazing fish and coral. I’m really glad I went.


Plus the route took us right around the island by speed boat so it was interesting to see the island from the sea. There is quite a hill in the middle. As we didn’t have the bikes today we wanted down to Mushroom Beach for lunch and then Emma & I hired stand up Paddle boards for an hour.


It was great fun and once we got our balance we did quite well! I found I was okay when it was fairly calm but each time a speed boat went out and created some waves I was back in the water. At least it is lovely and warm!!

As it was Yonas’ birthday we volunteered to look after Noah for the night so they could go out for a meal on their own to celebrate. We had great fun looking after Noah. We are really enjoying getting to know him. He is such a character and so easy going.

Thursday 20th July
We hired bikes again for the day and explored some places that we didn’t go to on Tuesday.


We stopped off at a viewing point which looked out to the larger Penida island. I was also able to see the coves where I did my snorkelling.


Our favourite spot was Secret beach which was a lovely secluded beach with a hotel and swimming pool.


If you want somewhere quiet and out of the way then I would recommend this location!


In their afternoon we had a relaxing time at the hotel. Noah & I had great fun in the pool. For our final meal on the island we went to L.Good resteraunt. They did a lovely BBQ with a help yourself salad bar so we definitely got value for money! Yonas & I had the Pork ribs which were excellent.



Friday 21st July
We spent the morning in the hotel before checking out and catching the 11am ferry back to Sanur. This one was a lot faster and we were back over on the mainland in 25 mins!

We had a such a great time on Lembongan. It felt like a holiday within a holiday! It the vending we had another game of Rummy which I’m glad to report I won!

Saturday 22nd July
Yonas had a driving job this morning so we are having a slower day at home. We are going out for lunch once Yonas gets back. I’ve been following closely the Tour de France and the Open Golf via podcasts and the various websites. There are some great clips on YouTube as well so I’m keeping up to date with various sporting events!

Today is the ultra in Bali that I was hoping to do! I still feel disappointed that I’m not able to run it but hopefully one year when we visit I’ll be able to do it!

My ankle is still sore but it is feeling better. I go through days when I think I’ll definitely be able to run the Run O’ Fire in September and then other days I think there is no way it will be ready. I’ve arranged to see Matt (Physio) again when I get home so between us we should have a better idea.

The highlight of our final week in Bali is out planned hike up Mt Agung. It is over 10,000 high and looks incredible. We could see it from Lembongan.


It is a two hour drive from here to the point where we will meet our guide at 11pm. It is a 6 hour walk to the top. The plan is to arrive as the sun rises which I’m told is an incredible sight. We then walk back down.

Katrina is a bit nervous about it but she’ll be fine!! Yonas is also going to come and he is also worried about whether he will make it to the top. Report to come!!

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