Product review – Vieve Protein Water

Every now and then a company gets in touch and asks whether I would be interested in trying a new product.

Like the majority of ultra runners I am always interested in anything that will help with my running especially in the area of nutrition.

I was sent three bottles of a new protein drink Vieve.

drink 3
Naturally flavoured Protein Water with 20g protein, zero carbs and no added sugar. Vieve, a hydrating protein top-up for busy, active people on the go.

Here is some information about it from the web site ….

drink 2

drink 1

I can’t really comment on the ingredients so my key test will be whether I can easily drink it in a race situation. Unfortunately I’m injured at the moment so I’ve not been able to try it out on a long run but I have used it on a cycle ride or two.

They taste really good with a mild flavour. I do think I would be able to drink them during a race and would be interested to see what effect they have.

Their web site does offer a free sample to try so if you want to see for yourself sign up and try it.
Afraid of commitment?  Don’t worry – try one of our delicious flavours for free before you commit to a bigger pack.  Simply pay the cost of shipping & handl


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