Guess My Time Hardmoors 50

My first ultra of 2019 is the Hardmoors 50 miles on Saturday 16th March. Initially I planned to run with Katrina but her knee is sore again and quite rightly she has decided to withdraw from the race so I’m on my own!

I have run the Hardmoors 55 five times between 2010 and 2018 as follows

Date Race Distance Time
20 March 2010 Hardmoors 55 55 miles 11:46:10
22 March 2014 Hardmoors 55 55 miles 10:10:24
21 March 2015 Hardmoors 55 55 miles 9:35:40
19 March 2016 Hardmoors 55 55 miles 10:44:33
17 March 2018 Hardmoors 55 (with Katrina) 43 miles (short) 11:09:01

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Cleveland Way and so the race have been asked to make this race part of the celebrations. The course has been changed very slightly but as far as I can work out it is a very similar distance.

I’m looking forward to doing the race again as it will give me a good idea of where my endurance fitness is as I build up to my main event of the year, the Berghaus Dragon’s Back in May.

The race starts at 8am on Saturday 16th March 2019

Once again my good friends at are offering prizes for all my ultras this year.

For this race they are offering the closest 3 guesses a prize ..


Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 16.48.57

Plus a limited edition ‘Guess My Time’ keyring

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 16.49.50

To take part and have a chance to win these prizes all you have to do is send me your guess in hours, minutes and seconds of how long you think it will take me to complete the 50 miles.

As before there is only one guess per time so if your time is taken I’ll ask you to guess again.

To give you an idea here are my goals for the race.

  • Bronze – sub 11hrs 30mins
  • Silver – sub 11hrs
  • Gold – sub 10hrs 30mins

If you want to take part please send your guess by 5pm on Thursday 14th March 2019  by:-

  • leave a comment on this post
  • on my Facebook page
  • Twitter: @jkynaston
  • Text: 07905 218162
  • Instagram: jkynaston
  • Email:
  • in person
  • any other imaginative method
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23 Responses to Guess My Time Hardmoors 50

  1. Steve Handy says:

    Hi John, I think you will be close to your Gold time so am going to go for 10 hours 28 minutes and 30 seconds. Good luck in the race

  2. John Collins says:

    Hi John
    I think weight is often the elephant in the room with any distance running, and it seems you are as light as you’ve ever been at the moment. I’m going for 10.14.59
    Good luck

  3. Derek Gibson says:

    Hi John
    I’ll plump or 10 hrs 10 minutes but wouldn’t be surprised to see you go under 10 hrs.
    Hope the weather is kind.

  4. pete says:

    An uneducated guess 10:43. Should bump into you on the day, I’m planning to use your 2014 splits as a guide 🙂

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  6. Gareth Crabb says:

    Hi John , my guess is 11.25.30. Hopefully I’ll also be somewhere around this time. Good luck for Saturday and more so for Wales !!

  7. Antony brown says:

    My guess is 10:41.24. Have a good race 👍

  8. Sarah Price says:

    10:58 Good luck!

  9. Gary McLinton says:

    Hi John, 9hrs 59m 58 seconds, all the best

  10. Nicola may says:

    10 hr 14 mins 53 sec
    Good Luck

  11. Gillian McColl says:

    10 hrs 54 mins 36 sec

  12. Gareth Price says:

    Hi John, Best of luck for Saturday.

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