Review of Copper Clothing

I was sent a pair of Semi Compression Gloves and a pair of long Compression socks from Copper Clothing to try out.


On their website it shows the benefits of wearing Copper Clothing …

Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 16.08.25

To be fair I’m not qualified to know whether these claims are true or not. I’m assuming they are otherwise they couldn’t advertise them.

But what I can comment on is how they feel and both products are really comfortable to wear.

Last year I ran the 3 day Ring o’ Fire around Anglesea and I was keen to learn as much as I could about a multi-day event in preparation for the Berghaus Dragon’s Back in May this year.

I took the compression socks with me and wore them overnight. It is hard to say just what effect they had and how much they contributed to my recovery overnight but I can say that they didn’t hinder me and I felt I got stronger over the three days.

The gloves I have worn a lot over the winter and they are very comfortable. I have worn them mainly in the car and they have kept my hands warm on a cold chilly morning.

I would thank Copper Clothing for sending me their products and I will continue to use them to help me especially in recovering from long days out on the trails.


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