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Sunday: Recovery Run

Time: 8.25amRoute: Dykebar Distance: 6.52milesTime Run: 49mins 31secs (av 7.36) I needed that run! My legs have been feeling a bit heavy all week especially on my recovery runs, Tuesday & Thursday. So it was good to be able to … Continue reading

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Easy Sunday morning Run

Time: 7.50amRoute: DykebarDistance: 6.52milesTime Run: 51mins 00secs (av 7.49) Thank you to all those who took time to write a comment or email or text. I appreciated your support and it’s good to know that this blog is read and … Continue reading

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Easy Road Run

Time: 8.00amRoute: DykebarDistance: 6.39milesTime Run: 52mins 41secs (av 8.15) Last night we were out at a friend’s 40th birthday party which included some Ceilidh dances. My foot was a bit sore doing the dashing white sergeant and strip the willow … Continue reading

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Easy run and news of foot scan

Time: 12.40pmRoute: DykebarDistance: 6.5milesTime Run: 48mins 17secs (av 7.25) This is my easy week following Sunday’s run on the whw. It has also worked in well as it is the West District Cross Country Championship at Irvine on Saturday and … Continue reading

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Road Run – Dykebar route

Time: 12.10pmRoute: DykebarDistance: 6.5milesTime Run: 48mins 22secs (av 7.26)Mile splits: 7,56, 7.40, 7.19, 7.17, 7.01, 7.24, 3.46 I set off feeling my legs a bit from yesterday and ran the first mile comfortably but then once I was into the … Continue reading

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Recovery Run

Time: 11.20amRoute: DykebarDistance: 5milesTime Run: 36mins 48secs (av 7.21) I went out for an easy 5mile run today. I have been debating with myself whether to have a complete week off but I decided I was feeling good and wanted … Continue reading

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Interval run

Time: 12.15pmRoute: DykebarDistance: 5milesTime Run: 35mins 05secs (av 7.01) I decided on a 5mile run today but wanted something a bit different so decided on a 3mins easy 3min hard for the run. I felt really good and kept a … Continue reading

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Recovery 5.5m run

Time: 12.30pmRoute: DykebarDistance: 5.5milesTime Run: 43mins 03secs (av 7.50) I set off today to run an easy 5.5miles. I’m glad I did as the weather was horrible again with such a strong wind which I had against me over the … Continue reading

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Early morning 5 mile run

Time: 6.55amRoute: DykebarDistance: 5milesTime Run: 36mins 35secsMile splits: 7.34, 7.20, 7.12, 7.13, 7.13 (av 7.19) Today, as it is Easter Monday we are going for a walk. Katrina, Jo, Emma and Laura are coming. Hollie isstaying behind to revise for … Continue reading

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