Club Fartlek Run

Most of our regular Monday night group had run the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon so I wasn’t surprised that there was only two of us for the session last night.

Gina was happy to do any session so we decided to keep it simple and do 15 x 2mins (with 1min recovery). That way we wouldn’t be too far away from each other which was important as Gina made the mistake I did last week and didn’t bring a head torch. At least I had mine this week.

I was hoping that I would be close to the 5 miles for the 30mins of hard running. I had a longer run on Saturday and thought it might mean my legs were a bit heavy.

I pushed as hard as I could right through the session and was happy with my stats.

fartlek 10-05

I just missed out on the 5 mile mark but I was pleased that I finished the session well. I would start 20 yards behind Gina and would catch him after a minute or so. On the last two he dug in and stayed with me so we most pushed each other hard.

I always love my heart rate graphs after a session like this ….

hr 10-05 fartlek

It shows a good even effort through the session.

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Ben Lomond and Kilpatrick Hills runs

Over the last few days I’ve two longer runs on Thursday night after work and this morning.

Thursday – Ben Lomond Run

My plan was my normal Ben Lomond run up the Ptarmigan Ridge and down the tourist path. As I drove to Rowardennan it was a beautiful evening and I was looking forward to seeing the views from the top but about a mile or so from Rowardennan there was a police car stopping traffic explaining that the road was closed.

My assumption that there had been a road accident was confirmed when I drove back to Sallochy car park and spoke to the warden who said they had seen a helicopter. I hope no-one was badly injured but it didn’t surprise me there had been an accident as some drivers drive very fast on that stretch of road.

It was now 4.30pm and the car park closed at 7.30pm so I knew I didn’t have time to run to Rowardennan up and down the Ben and back again even if I wanted to. So I decided to run for 1hr 15mins turn round and run back and see how far up the tourist path I got.

route 10-01

I felt a bit sluggish on the way to Rowardennan and as I climbed up. I felt I could feel my recent race in my legs so just went with what I had. At the turn round point I took a few photos as it was such a lovely evening.

Ben Lomond 1 Oct

I was definitely struggling on the way down. I was feeling very stiff and didn’t have any spring at all in my legs. I eventually made it back down to Rowardennan and set myself the challenge of running back to Sallochy without walking which I managed to do! I’ll be back next week and hope I have a bit more spring in my legs!

Saturday – Kilpatricks Run

This morning I was up and out by 8am and running just after 8.30am. I had a feeling it was going to be a bit of a battle this morning after Thursday’s run but I actually felt really good and enjoyed the run.

I did the 18 mile loop which Marco showed me a few years ago. I’ve been round both ways but don’t really have a preference so I went for a clockwise route this time.

I decided to take splits on each trig point and also take some photos on each of the three trig points.

route 10-03a

I didn’t see anyone else the whole run which is a bit unusual but it’s a big area so not too surprising I suppose.

trig 1

Trig 1

trig 2

Trig 2

trig 3

Trig 3

I also took a photo with Ben Lomond behind and Loch Lomond covered in mist ….

John at trig 3

So a great morning run!

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Review of September

September was dominated by the Marathon de Ben Nevis as I built up to it and had an easy week after it. I ran 143.75 miles in total which is a little less than my average for the year.

sept all runs

sept graph

sept diary

I like to keep a track of the different types of runs I do all year to make sure there is a good variety as I’m sure that helps my training.

types of runs

I’m keeping ahead of my red line to complete 2015 miles in 2015 ….

2015 miles 09-27

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Training Plan for White Rose Ultra

I’ve had my recovery week after the Marathon de Ben Nevis so my focus is all on my final ultra for the year which is the 60 mile White Rose Ultra on Sunday 1st November.

I’m planning three and a half weeks of harder running with a couple of longer runs then a week and half taper.

training plan for white rose

Hopefully that will be enough to get me ready for the race.  There is my normal mix of speed-work, hills, longer runs and easy runs.

Last night I was back at the club for our Monday night Fartlek session. Some of the group are running the Great Scottish Half Marathon on Sunday so they only wanted to do 5 x 3min.

This left John H, Steven H and myself to do the full 10 x 3mins (90sec recovery). I made the mistake of not taking my head torch. I thought I would be okay for another week. I was okay for the first 6 sets but the last 4 were a bit hairy not being able to see the ground. Steven very kindly tried to stay with me so I had some light! At least it made him run a bit quicker!!

I was happy with my effort and ran 4.88 miles for the 30mins ….

fartlek 09-28

I forgot to mention the other day that I was following the Spartathlon very closely over the weekend. It is some race 153 miles in the heat of Greece mainly along roads from Athens to Sparta

SPARTATHLON is a historic ultra-distance foot race that takes place in September of every year in Greece. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra-distance races in the world because of its unique history and background.

The Spartathlon revives the footsteps of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner, who in 490 BC, before the battle of Marathon, was sent to Sparta to seek help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Pheidippides arrived in Sparta the day after his departure from Athens.

From 1984 the International Association “Spartathlon” was founded, which since then has continuously organized the race each September. The choice of this month is because that is the time reported by Herodotus for Pheidippides’ run to Sparta

Sadly not all of the friends I was following made it but congratulations to those who did including ….

Debbie Martin-Consani 34th (5th Female) in 30:36:01

Thomas Bubendorfer 73rd in 33:29:04

Mimi Anderson 132nd in 35:29:04

Mimi then turned round and ran back to Athens!!

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Pollok parkrun race report

Even though it was my easy week after the Marathon de Ben Nevis I decided I fancied running a parkrun. The past one I’d done was 7th Feb when I ran 19:23. I decided to run as hard as I could and hoped I could get under 20mins.

I parked at Nether Craigs and ran just over 2miles to the start as a warm up. It was good to see and have a chat with Gordon Gallacher before the race. Gordon was running the George Cummings Relay in the afternoon so was planning to take it easy this morning.

There was a really good turn out. I reckoned about 400 and I wasn’t far out when I saw the results (376). I set off about a quarter of the way down. It is always a bit congested for the first few minutes but soon opens out and I like chasing people down and chatting people.

I didn’t look at my watch at all during the race but concentrated on running as hard as I could. I was catching and overtaking people for the whole of the first lap and feeling good. I guy in a purple top went past on the downhill and I decided to try and stick with him as long as I could.

He opened a small gap and the pair of us went past more runners on the second lap but I never quite caught him.

I felt I started a to struggle a little bit over the final mile but tried as hard as I could, No-one went past me so I wasn’t slowing too much. I pushed as hard as I could on the final descent and stopped my watch bang on 20:00 in 20th place.

When the official results came out I was pleased to see I was 19:56 ….

parkrun jk

I find it very interesting to compare my HR for a short race this one compared to a longer ultra. My average HR was 162 and didn’t fluctuate much during the race!

hr 09-26 parkrun

Once home and showered we were off to Stirling where I was conducting a wedding for friends. We had a great day. Just to show we can scrub up well ….

wedding 3

wedding 1

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Lessons learnt from the Marathon de Ben Nevis

Since the race last Saturday I’ve had a couple of easy runs. On Tuesday I ran 6.12 miles after work and on Thursday 5.28 miles before work. Both times I ran very easily keeping my heart rate below 130.  I’m pleased to report there are no niggles or any muscle soreness at all. I think my body is well used to this ultra running!

I always like to record a few lessons that I’ve learnt from each of the ultras I run. I do feel that most things went to plan in this race. I was fairly relaxed about it and happy to go with the flow of the race. I did have a target in mind but having not done the race before I wasn’t too sure whether it was cautious, realistic or ambitious. In the end my sub 7:30 goal was probably cautious.

Anyway here are some lessons I learnt from the race ….

# Preparation

There were 8 weeks between the Lakeland 100 and this race which I felt was enough time to let me recover, have a few weeks of decent training and then taper. I felt in good shape for the race but maybe slightly under cooked. I certainly didn’t feel in tip top shape but trusting that the training I’ve been doing all year would be enough.

I ran a 10k a couple of weeks before in 39:03 so that gave me some confidence that I must be going okay. I was really relaxed and looking forward to running the race on a route I’ve not done before.

# Kit

I have tried and trusted kit now so I don’t have to make too many decisions on what to wear or carry. I decided to wear my long sleeved top as even though the weather forecast was for a warm day we started in the semi dark at 6.30am when it was still quite chilly.

My shoe sock combination of Skechers Ultra 2 and Drymax socks worked really well. It had a good test crossing the river where the water was ankle deep for 20 paces or so and my feet were fine. I also put on some 2nd skin plasters over my big and little toes as that tends to be the places were I’m prone to blisters. It really helps and I had no issues at all.

# Nutrition

I decided for this race I would basically feed myself using Tailwind sachets and Matrix Energy Boost. I alternated between the two and it worked well. I also ate a 3 small ‘Eat Natural’ almond & apricot bars with a yoghurt coating which taste great and go down well.

I took a few slices of orange and the odd flapjack from the check points.  I was pleased that I never felt I ran out of energy and kept going to the end.

# Pacing

One of the things I’m really enjoying about running ultras these days is my planning and decision to run by HR which means I’m trying to keep a constant effort throughout the race. It means that I start further down the field but work my way past other runners as the race goes on.


The spikes are where I stopped briefly at the check points. I’m really pleased I was able to maintain my effort right through to the end of the race.

So for this race I was working on a HR of 140.  I was below that for the for the first half and then able to increase it as the race went on.

BN splits

The last three sections were a net downhill which helps but my average pace for the final 14.55 miles was 9:35 mins per mile which I’m very happy with!

I thought it would be fun to compare my average pace with friends Richie who finished 4th and Donald who finished 23rd.

BN pace comparison

We all show a similar shape but my pace gets faster over the final 15 miles whereas Donald and Richie’s level out. So according to this if the race went on I would have caught Richie!!!!

You can see where the big hill was by our pace was slower.

# Mentally

One thing I found harder in this race was the final 5 miles. Basically I had no idea how far there was to go. At the final checkpoint I was told there was only 5k (3miles) to go but I knew it should be more than that. Then I didn’t know the route. I thought we were going to stay on a path and then just drop down to the finish at the Distillery but we dropped down to the main road into Fort William. From there I had no idea how far it was going to be.

This meant that I found it quite hard not knowing how hard to push. The thing that helped me was to concentrate on my average pace. I had rough splits for the checkpoints so decided to keep my watch displaying split time and average pace for the split. That way I had something to concentrate on and hopefully the finish would come when it was ready!

I can honestly say I didn’t have any low points in this race. I ran with various folk but mostly Lachlan for the first 25 miles and the time just flew by. I was on my own for the final 15 miles but by then I was moving really well and enjoying the sense of pushing hard in an ultra going for a decent time. Plus I had a couple of people ahead who I was catching and keen not to lose any places from behind!

My next ultra is the White Rose Ultra on Sunday 1st November. There are 3 races 30 miles, 60 miles and 100 miles. I’ve entered the 60 miles which is two laps of 30 miles. I’m really looking forward to seeing what that is like. My initial plan is to try and run the 2nd loop faster than the 1st as I reckon the vast majority will run the 1st lap significantly faster than the 2nd. But we’ll see!

WR ultra

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Marathon de Ben Nevis Race Report

Saturday 19th September 2015

I was keen to do this race when I first heard about it. I really liked the look of the course and the company No Fuss seemed to have a good philosophy.

Katrina & I left home after work stopping off at The Real Food Cafe for fish & chips on the way. As we left we saw a family coming in. Lynn had a Fling sweatshirt on so we said hello. Lachlan was also running and they were also staying at the Glen Nevis camp-site with their two children so it was great getting to know them.

We went straight to the camp-site to set up our awning then headed to the Cotswold shop to register. We met Neil & Carolyn Ambrose and Neil’s brother Graeme on the way. Neil and Graeme were planning to run together.

It was very straight forward and well organised. Katrina had offered to help Marshall so was given her instructions. She was going to help Fraser with the mountain bikes at Kinlochleven.

The camp-site was very quite so we settled down just after 10pm to get some sleep with the alarm set for 5am. I woke before that ready to get going. Time for a bowl of porridge and cup of tea before walking the mile or so to the Braveheart car park where the race was starting.

It was still quite dark at 6.10am when we arrived for the planned 6.30am start. It was great to catch up with various whw friends. I had a quick chat with Richie who had me laughing with his tales of looking after his three small children. I think running 40 miles was a far better option for him!!

The race got going about 6.40am and it was light enough not to need a head torch. 49 runners clocked in.  I was really looking forward to the route as after Kinlochleven it would all be new to me.

BN route

I had some rough splits working on a time of 7:30. I thought it was about 42miles but it was actually 39.04miles according to my Suunto.

Leg 1 Braveheart Car Park to Blarmafoldach (Lundavra) 5.85 miles

I set off with Donald and it was good to chat about his recent UTMB experience and plans for the rest of the year. Katrina and Carolyn had walked up the track so it was good to get a high five from them as we ran past.

The views down the valley were amazing. A low cloud hung over the campsite which made it look amazing. This photo doesn’t really do it justice but hopefully will give you an idea of the view.


Half way up the hill Donald stopped to take off his jacket and I pushed on. I caught up with Steve Dodge-Harrison who ran the whw a few years ago. He’s had some injuries and this was his come back race. We stayed together for a mile or so and then he pushed on. I see from the results he finished 3rd so a great comeback!

I was aiming to keep my heart rate around 140 for the race and I was feeling good over this first leg. I was chatting with various folk and the miles flew by. We soon reached the first checkpoint where we dibbed in. I didn’t need anything so went straight through.

  • Leg 1: 5.85 miles in 1:03:20 (10:50 pace) 22nd position (HR 130)

Leg 2 Blarmafoldach to Mamore Lodge 7.12 miles (overall 12.97 miles)

At some point along the Lairig Mor I caught up with Lachlan and we ran the rest of the way to the next check point together. It was fun running in the opposite direction to the whw and with fresh legs. It seemed so easy!

The cloud base was really low so we couldn’t see a great deal but the temperature was just right for running. I wore a long sleeved top and need my sleeves down for most of this section.

I kept an eye on my HR and it was around 135 which I felt was fine. I knew there were some good hills to climb later on and I was keen to finish well. The Lakeland 100 was 8 weeks ago and I was happy with how I felt. There was no soreness at all from the tendinitis I had from that race so that was good.

I really enjoyed chatting with Lachlan and before I really thought about it we reached the point where the whw path comes up. The runners carried on the top path to Mamore Lodge where as the mountain bikers took the whw path down to Kinlochleven.

This was the point where Katrina was going to be marshalling. The bikers had a time trial down the hill and Katrina said it was fascinating watching them set off. Some were super confident and sprinted down, others were a lot more cautious and some she had to persuade to go!!

The midges were really bad for the next 30mins or so. I’m glad I was running and not standing around. Lachlan and I came into the checkpoint together. Lynne, Freya and Hamish were there to cheer on Lachlan but they kindly encouraged me as well!

We didn’t stop long as the midges were out in force. I had a drop bag so I quickly took my Tailwind sachel and youghat bar and was away. I was alternating between Tailwind and my Matrix Energy Boost and it worked well all day.

  • Leg 2: 7.12 miles in 1:13:05 (10:16 pace) leg position 9th (HR 133)
  • Overall: 12.97 miles in 2:16:40 (10:32 pace) overall position 20th

Leg 3 Mamore Lodge to Luibeilt 7.57 miles (overall 20.54 miles)

A couple of guys went past us at the checkpoint who I don’t think I saw again. Thankfully as we climbed out from Mamore Lodge the midges disappeared. It was a fair climb out but on a good solid path.


Climbing out from Mamore Lodge with Lachlan

It was still very misty so we didn’t get many good views. Once we dropped down to run along the lochs it was better. We descended to Loch Eilde Mor together but once we were on the flatter ground I decided to push the pace a little.


Heading towards Loch Eilde Mor with the low cloud all around

My HR was still around 135 so I thought I would get it up to 140-145 for awhile. My legs were feeling really good and I enjoyed running a little faster. I wasn’t sure how far behind Lachlan was but I could see a line of about 6-7 runners ahead so aimed for them.


Runners ahead to chase down

The whole route was very well marked with orange flags on canes. I was very impressed as you never had to worry about which was to go.

I slowly caught up with the runners and had a quick chat as I went past. My HR was nearer 148 a few times so I eased off as I knew that was a little high and I would pay for it later.

With about 1 mile to go before the next checkpoint I had  one more runner ahead but I never quite caught him. Just before I reached the checkpoint where the river crossing was Lachlan caught up with me.

He said I never got further than about 100 yards ahead so he worked his way past the line of runners as well. We came into the checkpoint together. Again I had my Tailwind powder ready in my bottle and the marshal very quickly and efficiently filled it up and I was on my way.

  • Leg 3: 7.57 miles in 1:23:59 (11:06 pace) leg position 11th (HR 138)
  • Overall: 20.54 miles in 3:41:34 (10:47 pace) overall position 12th

Leg 4 Luibeilt to Lairig Bothy 3.95 miles (overall 24.49 miles)

They had put the dibber at the river crossing but I was a little confused as the runner (Derek Jones) ahead was way ahead on the same side of the river. I was about to follow up when the marshal shouted that we had to cross the river. He tooted his car horn to get the attention of the runner ahead who turned back.

Lachlan and I waded across the river. It was about ankle deep so I thought it would be a good test of my Drymax socks.I can say they passed with flying colours as within a few minutes my feet felt dry.

The next half mile along the river was pretty boggy and we both agreed the bikes would have a tough time on this section. We were at the biggest climb of the route after the fist ascent from the start.

BN profile

Lachlan and I worked together and made good progress up the hill. It was a good climb again into the mist. Once over the top we made out way down to the next checkpoint.

We were caught by Sarah Sheridan and then Derek Jones. I ran with Sarah into the checkpoint. She had run the CCC in Chamonix only 3 weeks ago so could feel that run still in her legs. I had gone past Sarah as we ran past the Lochs so she was going well as she was the only one who caught back up.

We crossed the river and came into CP4.

Arriving at the CP with Sarah & Lachlan

There was a BBQ getting going. It seems the Mountain Bikers love a beef burger but I couldn’t think of anything worse at this stage of a race. I had my second drop bag so quickly sorted it out and was on my way again.

  • Leg 4: 3.95 miles in 1:00:32 (15:19 pace) leg position 14th (HR 134)
  • Overall: 24.49 miles in 4:42:41 (11:33 pace) overall position 11th

Leg 5 Lairig Bothy to Corriechoille Junction 4.51 miles (overall 29.00 miles)

Sarah and Derek had gone straight through and Lachlan was sorting out his drop bag so I set off on my own up the hill out of the CP. I knew there weren’t any big climbs left in the final 14-15 miles. I was feeling good so hoped I could bring down my average pace under 11 min mile pace.


Sarah & Derek just ahead

I caught up with Sarah and Derek and we ran together for a bit.


Running/walking with Sarah up the hill

I could feel I was moving quicker than Sarah and Derek so pushed on and was on my own. I try and not look back in a race. I figure that if I look back and see someone catching me I might be discouraged and if I don’t see anyone I might get cocky!

Once I was over the top of the hill I could see that there was a long winding path all the way down. It was fairly smooth so easy to run on plus it was a gradual descent so nice  on the quads.

I could see my pace for the leg was around 9 min miles so I thought that will bring down my average pace! I could see one runner in white way ahead but wasn’t sure whether I would catch him or not.

I really enjoyed the run down and was happy that I was moving so well with just over 10 miles to go. I started to think about a finishing time. The problem was I didn’t really know the full distance so I decided to work on my overall average pace. I thought that if I can get that before 11 mins per mile I would be very happy.


CP 5 in the distance

I thought that I should be well under the 7:30 gold medal time I had set myself but that was based on the race being 42 miles!!

As I ran into the CP the runner in white was leaving so I was definitely catching him. The marshals filled my bottle while I took a sliced of orange. They had written down the numbers of the runners who had gone through so far and I think there were about 10 or so ahead of me.

  • Leg 5: 4.51 miles in 40:51 (9:03 pace) leg position 8th (HR 142)
  • Overall: 29.00 miles in 5:25:21 (11:13 pace) overall position 11th

Leg 6 Corriechoille Junction to Nevis Range 5.30 miles (overall 34.30 miles)

I now had 2 legs to go and on my rough plan I had 11 miles to go and 1:54 to do it.If that was accurate I would be under my 7:30 but I wasn’t at all sure whether it was 11miles! So to keep me going I kept my watch on splits and worked as hard as I could to keep my average pace as close to 10 min miles as I could.

The other thing that helped me was I was catching the guy in white who turned out to be Ben Swainson. He kept looking back which gave me a little boost each time! I caught him as we came to a small hill so we walked up together.

The first thing he asked me was, ‘Is there anyone else behind you?’ I wasn’t too sure how far they were behind but encouraged him to keep going. Ben was aiming for 7:30 and this was his first ultra.

Once it flattened out I was away again aiming to get my average pace back down after the short walk when it had gone up nearer 11 min miles!

I could feel I was getting a bit tired but really encouraged that I was running smoothly and able to run all the flats and down hills at a decent pace. I was counting 6 x 40 breathes and then checking my pace and it was staying around 10:20 pace.

I thought the leg was around 6 miles so was surprised to see the marshal with my watch showing 5.30 miles. I wasn’t complaining and she quickly  filled my bottle and sent me off in no time.

  • Leg 6: 5.30 miles in 54:20 (10:15 pace) leg position 8th (HR 139)
  • Overall: 34.30 miles in 6:20:05 (11:05 pace) overall position 10th

Leg 7 Nevis Range to Finish 4.74 miles (overall 39.04 miles)

As I was leaving the final CP the marshal said only 5k to go. I knew it was probably 5 miles so said it may be best to tell runners 5 miles rather than 5k. She thanked me and she did tell the rest of the runners.

If it was 5 miles I had 1:10 to make it under my 7:30 goal. I knew it mainly downhill and I was still running strongly so felt it was in the bag! Sometimes I’ve found it hard to keep the intensity when I know my goal is almost done so decided to forget about the overall time as I didn’t really know how far it was to go and work on getting my overall average pace under 11 mins per mile.

It was now 11:05 so I’d have to run as hard as I could. The other thing I’d been thinking about is whether the leading mountain bikers who catch me.  They were due to set off 3 and a half hours after our start and the top riders would take about 4 hours so they may well catch me near the end.

Soon after the last CP the route took a right off the main track and onto a little track through the woods. It was a lovely soft twisty path through the trees and one of my favourite sections of the whole race.

After a mile or so we came onto a wider path and a motor bike came past telling me the leading biker was on his way and soon enough he went flying past. Not long after that I came to a junction where the bikers went left and we runners went straight on so I didn’t have to worry about any more bikers going past for a while.

There were a few walkers and mountain bikers coming up the path who were all really encouraging. Suddenly I saw another runner with poles. He was Tim Price. I asked him how was he and he said ‘I’ve been better!’ Looking at the splits he was 8 mins ahead of me at the final CP so I think he was finding the last section hard.

There were a number of photographers out on the course and one took a photo of me just after I went past Tim. There is about 2 miles to go after this photo.

Photo thanks to sportograf

I still wasn’t sure just how far to go so tried to concentrate on my pace and keep working as hard as I could. I ran through a car park and then dropped down to a road, over the railway bridge and then down to the main road into Fort William. Two more bikers went past me.

My watch showed 38 miles so I assumed it was at least a mile down the cycle track so I counted 6 lots of 40 breaths. I was happy to see that my average pace for the whole race was now 10:53 so that goal was accomplished!

I saw a 30 mile an hour sign so assumed that Fort William was soon and I knew the distillery was on the edge of the town. I came round a corner and saw the orange No Fuss flag and people gathered around.

I ran in high fiveing any children and adults who were waiting for their runners including Lynne, Freya & Hamish. Carolyn was also there cheering me on. I almost ran past the finish line as I assumed it was in the distillery!

The finish marshal did my final dibber. I finished 9th in 7:04:44. I was very happy with my run. I asked Lynne to take a photo of me at the finish.


At the finish line

Plus a posed one of me finishing!


I walked into the finish area and gave in my timing chip. Katrina arrived a few minutes later and we had some lovely soup before heading back to the camp site for a shower.

We had a meal in Fort William and then attended the prize giving where I was given a prize for finishing 2nd Male Super Vet!

I really enjoyed the race and would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks to Fraser and all the No Fuss marshals for all your hard work to make it a great experience for the runners and bikers.

BN splits

I was pleased I was able to finish strong and maintain an even effort right through the race. My HR graph shows I was able to work hard right to the end.


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