Saturday run

For my third run this week I decided to do a slightly longer loop. I set off at 6.20am and ran Thursday’s route the other way and added an extra loop or two to make up 8miles. 

As Emma & Yonas live at the top of a hill I’m always going to finish on an up hill. The profile of the run tells it’s own story. 

I ran a bit quicker today (8min miles) with HR of 136 and felt good. My plan is to run 4 times next week with a bit more intensity with an interval session or two.

Yesterday I had a game of Badminton with Yonas. He gave me a good thrashing but I did take him to 20-20 in one game before losing 22-24!!

Then we had a day out at an excellent transport Museum at Batu ( about a 45min drive away).


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Photos of my second run in Malang 

I was up and out running just after 6.30am. Yonas had taken me on his scooter yesterday to recce out a route which I reckon was about 6miles.

As this is my easy week I decided to take my camera and take some photos on the way. So here are some of them.


Setting off from Emma & Yonas’ house


First mile on wide paved and quiet roads passing walkers


Time for a selfie!


Turn left after going through the arch


Over the bridge


Roads not too busy early morning


Turn left at the lights


Cross back over the river


Great view of the mountains


Resisted the temptation to stop for a game of football


Back at the house after a very enjoyable run

Thanks to those who have sent in a guess for my competition. I have over 50 so far. You have almost 3 weeks to enter if you want to.  

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Running in Malang

We arrived at Malang yesterday to visit our grandson Noah and of course Emma & Yonas. It was a long but fine journey. In summary. .

  • 1hr car drive to Edinburgh airport
  • 7hr flight from Edinburgh tom Doha
  • 10hr layover at Doha Airport
  • 8hr flight from Doha to Jakarta
  • 10hr stop in Jakarta (in a hotel!)
  • 1hr 30min flight from Jakarta to Malang
  • 30min car drive to Emma & Yonas’s house

It was pretty straight forward just long but all worth it to first cuddle with Noah.
This morning I decided to get up early and go for a run. I worked out a route yesterday when we went it for a walk. Emma & Yonas live at the top of a steep hill so all the runs from here start downhill and finish uphill!

When I was running with Keith Mabbot during the Cateran trail he explained how he used Strava to find some runs in the area he was staying. I went on to strava and looked for segments near where we are staying. There were quite a few.

Then I picked on one and looked the leaderboard and found some people who had run this area. The house is in a fairly new area so the streets  and quiet and away from the traffic.

I worked out a route which stayed within the area and it worked it well. I passed a lot of Chinese who were out walking. There is a Chinese University nearby where they work and study.

My plan this week is to do 3 easy runs but the hills make it a bit harder than easy! Anyway I felt good and was happy with my run.


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Guess My Time Competition – Lakeland 100

Today we leave for Indonesia to meet our grandson Noah (and his parents of course!!). We fly from Edinburgh at 2.30pm so I had plenty of time to get out for a run on the Braes. A solid 11.75 miles keeping my HR around 125.

As I’m not sure how easy it will be to blog while I’m away I thought I would open up my ‘Guess My Time’ competition early for my third and main ultra of the year – Lakeland 100 which is starts at 6pm on Friday 24th July 2015.

The good people at have provided another superb prize to the person who can guess closest to my finishing time. This time they are giving away a pair of new Hoka One One Speedgoat shoes. Or if you prefer you could choose another model.

hoka-one-one-speedgoat-karl-meltzerTo have a chance to win this excellent piece of kit all you have to do is send me in hours, minutes and seconds how long you think it will take me to run the 105miles. The route is a large clockwise loop beginning and ending Coniston in the Lake District.


To give you an idea of what I’m aiming for I’ve done the race once before in 2012 and it took me 34:33:59. That year I had a tough time with my feet and I was happy to finish but the last 20 miles was a long hard slog.

I’ve wanted to go back and do myself justice so that has been my main motivation in training and preparing for the race this year. I will be running to my HR again after the success of the Hardmoors 55 in March and the Cateran 55 in May.

I would like to think I could go faster than 2012. I’ve reccied the whole route again with Dave, Jonny and Marco so I’m happy with the navigation.

Anyway I like to have realistic but challenging goals so here are my bronze, silver and gold targets. I’ve also decided to have an extra stretch platinum goal for this race …

  • Bronze: sub 34:33:59 …. this would be a pb
  • Silver: sub 31:00:00 …. this should be achievable even if some things go wrong
  • Gold: sub 30hrs … this is a good challenge and to have a time beginning with 2 sounds good!
  • Platinum: sub 39 …. To achieve this everything (weather, pacing, food etc) will need to perfect but you never know!

So if you would like to win a pair of Hoka’s and a limited edition John Kynaston key ring!! Plus have your name on my Wall of Fame please send me you guess by 6pm Wednesday 22nd July by ….

  • Leaving a comment on this blog
  • On Facebook – jkynaston
  • Via Twitter – @jkynaston
  • Text – 07905 218162
  • Email –
  • In Person

I will only have one guess per time so if a time is taken the second person will need to change their guess.


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Double Ben Lomond Run

As we leave for our holiday in Indonesia on Saturday to meet our grandson Thursday’s run up Ben Lomond would be the last one before the Lakeland 100. So I was keen to do a double run and Jonny joined me.

We decided to do the fist loop together. Jonny led the way up and I led the way down. Then for the second loop we would go our own pace so I was ahead at the top and Jonny caught me on the way down!

We prefer to go up the Ptarmigan ridge which means we get a good run down the tourist path.

profile 06-25

The weather was okay. It was pretty misty on the top so the visibility was non existent but we’ve seen the view lots of times!

We chatted all the way up. Jonny was practising with his poles which he’s going to use for the Lakeland 100. He was moving well with them.

We paused quickly for a photo and then headed down. top

I had a head start as Jonny took a couple of minutes to pack away his poles. He caught me about half way down and we finished off the first leg together.

1st loop:

  • up 1:19:28
  • down 44:14
  • total 2:03:42

We stopped for 2mins to refill our water at the car and then set off for the second loop.  I was keen to try and run the second one faster so I pushed on and we climbed separately.

I was pleased with how well I was going and happy to see I had got up quicker than the first one.  I expected Jonny to catch me on the way down and he did with less than a mile to go.

2nd loop:

  • up 1:15:22
  • down 45:49
  • total 2:01:01

The 2 loops had taken me 4:07:07 and Jonny was about 90secs faster!


Selfie at the end!

We both really enjoyed the run and felt it really gave us a great session. I’m hoping that all these Ben Lomond runs are really going to help me when it comes to the Lakeland 100 in 4 weeks time!

I’m going to do a run on the Gleniffer Braes tomorrow morning before we head to Edinburgh Airport to catch our flight to Jakarta via Doha.

As I’ll be away I’ve decided to open my ‘Guess my Time’ Competition tomorrow so watch out for that. Another great price from ultramarathonrunningstore!

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Thoughts about pacing for the Lakeland 100

I was out early this morning for my run. I’ve bought another pair of Skechers GoUltra 2 and I was keen to get a run in them before using them for tomorrow nights double Ben Lomond.

I decided to mix the pace up a bit so for the four laps I did an easy one to start, then a faster one, followed by another easier one and finished with a faster one.

The loop has two uphills and two downhills so gives me a good workout. The loop is 1.1 mile and my times were

  • easy – 9:50
  • hard – 8:09
  • easy – 9:44
  • hard – 7:45

Strava reckons that my last one is my fastest over the last 3 years I’ve been using strava so that’s good!

brodie park comparisonOne of the things I love about running ultra-races is all the preparation and planning. I think it suits my character! After our back to back recce run the other weekend my good friend Andy Cole left this comment on my blog.

Hi John, looks like you’re in good form! It will be good to see how your heart rate pacing goes. One of the talks at the last ‘official’ recce was by Ian Boardley who is a sports psychologist as well as having run the race 3 times. He was advocating a similar conservative strategy, though not governed by HR but just a strategy of walk/run on the flats and going easy on the descents. His splits from 2014 are interesting, take a look at the site, but for example he was in 263rd place at Seathwaite, didn’t get into the top 100 until Braithwaite, and finished 25th in 27hrs54mins – just about your target! See you at Coniston.

I had seen Ian’s slides on Power Point from the talk and I would say that I agree wholeheartedly with his approach.

ian slide

So I took Andy’s advice and looked up Ian’s splits from 2014. I have put together a graph which is based on pace which shows how well he ran.

For a comparison I have also included Marco (winner of the race) and Debs (winner of the women’s race) partly as they are friends but also they paced it well.

L100 graph of pace 1

All three show a very similar pattern but Ian’s is remarkable in that he is able to hold his pace from Dockray (50miles). So his strategy of a very conservative start really paid dividends. It is no wonder he worked his way through the field.

Next I thought I would compare some runners around the time I’m aiming for. Firstly I chose Nikki Taylor as she finished just under 30hrs last year which is my target time. Secondly I picked out Danny Seal as he finished in a very similar time to me when I did the race in 2012, ie 34hrs 34mins. I have also included my pace from 2012.

L100 graph of pace 2 We weren’t too far apart at Dalemain but from there Danny & I show down significantly whereas Nikki’s line is not as steep and she went on to finish well.

So Ian has become my template!! If I could pace myself anywhere near as well as Ian then I would be very happy. Here is a comparison between Ian’s graph from 2014 and mine from 2012.

L100 graph of pace 3

What a contrast!! I was ahead until Blencathra but from then to the end Ian maintains his pace because he started comfortably whereas I slowed and slowed to the end. My plan is when I do a similar graph after this year’s race it will look similar with my 2015 line replacing Ian’s!!

As I’m planning to run by HR I won’t be aiming for a particular pace but it will be interesting to see how it compares with Ian’s pace and what I’m hoping for.

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Supporting whw race and a tempo run

Another superb West Highland Way Race. I spent the majority of it near the back of the field as I visited each check point to help close it down and take the timing equipment back to SI.

I did see all the runners through Balmaha though and it didn’t surprise me that Paul Giblin broke his record again as he looked so comfortable after 19 miles.

There were lots of great performances and I particularly enjoyed following the progress of Rhona, Alan and Annette who I interviewed regularly for the whw race podcasts. They all finished which was great!

I have sorted out the splits and posted on the race web site if you are interested in that.

I went out for a run at lunch time today.  I wanted to do at least 10miles so chose a route which around Pollok park rather than through it.

route 06-22 pollok

I wasn’t quite sure what pace to run at today after having so little sleep over the weekend. I decided to run as I felt without checking my watch too often. After 4.40 miles I glanced at my watch and saw it was 7.22 pace.

I pushed on and was happy to see I’d run the 10.35 miles at 7.18 pace which counts as a Tempo run!!

hr 06-22 tempo

This week is the Dragon’s Back ultra which takes the runners from North Wales to South Wales over 5 days.  There is a live tracker and so I’ve been watching how Andy Cole and Jez Bragg are getting on in particular.

live tracking

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