Weekend Runs

I decided to swap round my runs over the weekend as I have more time before church on Sunday than I do before my swimming lessons on Saturday. So I ran my 8 mile road run on Saturday and my 12 mile off road run on Sunday.

Saturday – Road run

When I woke up and looked out the window I realised it was going to be pretty icy and it was. I kept to the route I’d planned but there were places where it was really icy and quite dangerous.

There were times when I ran on the road as it gave a bit more grip. I didn’t worry about my pace as it was difficult to get any push or rhythm going.  I had to run on the grass next to the cycle track on my way back as it was so slippy.

Anyway I got it done without falling over or causing any injuries. Looking at Strava I think a lot of runners had similar problems with the ice!

Sunday – Off Road run

I’ve not been up on the Gleniffer Braes since last September and in some ways I was looking forward to getting back but in other ways I knew that once I was back then my build up to the ultras for the year has started and I was initially planning to wait a bit longer.

The reason I decided to get going with the off road stuff was the Hardmoors 55 race is less than 2 months away and I really need to get some runs on the trail.

All the snow and ice had gone but it was very muddy and very windy once I was on on the Braes. I was keen to run as easy as possible so I kept a close eye on my heart rate and if it went over 130 I eased off.

I wore my Inov-8 talons and I’m glad I did as it was very muddy so at least I had a bit of grip. Once I ran my big loop I did another mile or so out and back up the hill as I wanted to run 12 miles.

I’ve had a good solid week of training with a good mix of speed work, easy runs and an off road run (plus a couple of days cross training!) …..

week 01-25

I’m getting ahead of my red line on my 2015 miles in 2015 challenge …..

2015 miles 01-25

I’m also doing well in Jantastic with a 100% after 3 weeks ….

jantastic 01-25


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Midweek runs from and to work

This is my third week of trying out my running from work on a Wednesday and to work on a Thursday and it’s working really well.

Wednesday – Tempo run from work

The pavements are still quite icy but I was hoping that they would be okay to run on and if not I could run on the road. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the paths in Pollok Park had been gritted and quite a few of the pavements on the way home to Paisley.

There were a few places when the pavements were slippy so I ran on the road and didn’t get knocked over!

I was keen to do a Tempo run aiming for sub 7min per mile pace. I used the first mile as a warm up then tried to keep the pace as fast as I could knowing I wanted to do 6miles. The final mile and a bit were my cool down.

Tempo 01-21

I was happy with that.  I’m not wearing my HR start all the time now but I did wear it for this run and the resulting graph shows my increasing effort!

HR 01-21Thursday – recovery run into work

I went the same way as last week as it’s a lovely run on the cycle track and is the distance I’m aiming for.  It was pretty fresh and icy but once I’d warm up it was ideal running weather.

The paths were quite icy in places but as I was happy to slow down when it got too bad it was fine.  I enjoy the feeling of running to work, having a shower and then knowing that it is all done for the day!


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Fartlek run and myfitnesspal

The roads were pretty icy last night so we decided to stay away from the cycle track which would be lethal.  Instead we ran to the industrial estate near ASDA and did our session there.

route 01-19

There was only Steven, Ryan and myself doing the session of 10 x 3mins (with 90secs recovery).

I was pushing hard and happy with the session …

fartlek 01-19

I’ve started using myfitnesspal app to record my food intake.  I like it so I’ll keep it going for a few weeks to help with my plan to lose a bit of weight before the key races of the year.food intake 01-20

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Weekend Runs and two goals

The snow finally hit Paisley over the weekend making my weekend runs a little more interesting.

Saturday – 11 mile run

I was up and out by 7.30am in the dark. The snow had fallen on Friday but thankfully it hadn’t frozen so it wasn’t too bad to run on. Infact I loved the crunchy sound it made underfoot.

I was hoping to run around 7:40 pace but once I realised I couldn’t really push off as it was a bit slippy I was content to run nice and steady and not worry about pace. I ended up running the 11.68 miles at 8:03 pace so quite happy with that.

The route I chose went through Linwood and Kilbarchan and back through Johntone.

route 01-17

I’ve enjoyed using Strava over the past year or so and Debs gave a quick lesson on how to upload photos onto a run. Basically you link Strava with Instagram and if you take a photo before, during or after the run it shows them on your run. So I tried it with a selfie once I got back from my run.

strava 01-17

Sunday – 8 mile run

For my run this morning the snow had turned to ice and so I had to be a lot more careful. Again I wasn’t too worried about the pace as I’d planned it to be a recovery/easy run.

I also took my iPhone as I wanted to take a couple of Instagram photos on route to see how they linked up with Strava.  The first one I took on the cycle path and you can see how icy it was. 01-19 01 cycle path

The second one os on the road past Dykbar Hospital which gives a nice view of the Kilpatrick Hills in the distance.01-19 02 road

I never lack for motivation with my running as basically I like to run and I’m happy to get out whatever the weather but I must admit I enjoy responding to various challenges sent my way.

At the moment there are two challenges that I’m keeping on top of. The first is my yearly challenge to run 2015 miles in 2015.  I’m keeping ahead of the red line after 18 days! 2015 miles 01-19

The second is Jantastic which is part of the Marathon Talk Podcast Motivation.  So far after 2 weeks I have achieved my 5 runs each week so I’m on target for 100%Jantastic 01-19

So a good solid week of 45.28 miles with a similar plan for this coming week. I just hope the ice melts on the pavements.

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Midweek runs

My pattern of running home from work on Wednesday night and then running back to work in the morning worked well again this week. It also gave me the chance to decide whether I prefer running in the rain or the wind.

Wednesday – Tempo Run

I set off from Bellahouston Leisure at 4.15pm in the pouring rain and it rained the majority  of the way home. It wasn’t windy though so it felt okay. I find once you are wet it’s okay as long as you are warm enough. I took a photo when I got home which gives a sense of how wet I got! 01-14 John

I used the first mile as a warm up and then pushed harder for 5miles. I miscalculated the route a bit and ended up with a 2.47 miles cool down at the end rather than the mile I planned.  I was quite happy with the pace of the Tempo.

tempo 01-14a

I would like to try and get my tempo pace under 7mins but we’ll see!

Thursday – Recovery Run

I was out the house by 7.30am for my run back into work this morning. I had the opposite weather in that it was dry but very windy. Initially the wind was behind me and as I was basically running in one direction towards Glasgow I assumed that it would be behind me all the way but no!

The wind was swirling round and was definitely right in my face for a mile or so as I had to work pretty hard just to keep moving. One of the nice things about running to work is that by 8.30am my run is done and I don’t have to think about when I’m going to run!

I’ve decided based on these two runs that I would prefer to run in the rain rather the wind! The best option is neither and the worse both!!

Also as I’m not running on Fridays I have 2 days to recover before my weekend runs. Result!

At work today I decided to set up a work twitter account rather than use my personal one for work tweets so if you want to follow my work as an Active Schools Coorindator then follow @ActiveSchoolsJK

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Club Fartlek Session

I was a little cautious about last night’s Fartlek session after last week when I had some pain in my inner thigh. I was feeling fine but decided to take it steady for the first set and then pick it up after that if there was no reaction.

There were 6 of us in the group tonight including Euan C who was by far the fastest so he set the pace.

The session was 5 times [3min 45secs (90sec recovery), 2mins 15mins (1min)]. The first set I took it steady as planned and felt good so progressively pushed harder and was really pleased with my evenings run. It is good to report there was no reaction on my thigh.  It all seems a bit strange really!

fartlek 01-12I do like the fact that you can download the session and see objectively that I was running faster as the session progressed.

Lik many people I’ve been following the progress of the Spine Race which started on Saturday. There are two races 108 miles and 268 miles. Those in the longer race have 7 days to complete the journey along the Pennine Way which starts at Edale in the Peak District and finishes at Kirk Yetholm near Jedburgh in Scotland.

The weather has been horrendous and the organises have had to change the route a couple of times and enforce some stops on the runners so they miss the worse of the storms.

Each runner has a tracker so it’s great to be able to log on and see where they are.  I wish them all the best and hope they can make it to the end!


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Weekend runs and weight goal

Saturday – Paisley loop

I was up and out just after 7.30am for my run yesterday. Even though it was cold, windy and wet I was feeling pretty good from the get go. I didn’t look at my watch at all and just ran steady the whole way round and I was happy with my 7.55 pace.

As it was a circular route the wind was behind me at some points, hitting me from the side at others and right in my face as well.

Once I’d uploaded the route to Strava Robert Osfield asked me whether I’d planned to run in the shape of a face? I hadn’t but it does sort of look like a face!

route 01-10

Sunday – Run in Inverness

On Saturday afternoon Katrina and I went up to Inverness to visit our Daughter Jo and her husband Jono. Jono had been making a base in our van for a bed and we went up to pick it up.  The journey was good even though there was a fair bit of snow on the road around Aviemore.

Jono has done a great job with making the base for our mattress. We are looking forward to trying it out.


I went out for a run this morning before everyone else was up.  I worked out a route which hopefully would be 8 miles. In the end it was nearer 7 miles so I had to add an extra mile on!

The ground was really slushy and quite slippy which was a good excuse to run a bit easier.  There is a big hill between 4 and 5 miles so it was a good workout at whatever pace. So another good run which took me to 42 miles for the week which is what I’m aiming for at the moment.

route 01-11

I’m keen to shed a stone or so before the summer. I weighed myself at the beginning of the year and wasn’t surprised to see that I was 12st 11lbs as I’ve been enjoying lots of puddings since my last ultra in September!

So I’m keen to get to my fighting (or running) weight of nearer 11st 7lbs.  I’m aiming to do that by sticking to three simple rules …

  • Eating smaller portions for my main meal
  • Not having any pudding during the week
  • Only eating nuts or fruit as snacks

I’ve lost 4lbs this week so hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back to the weight I feel more comfortable at and which makes running a lot easier.

I’m aiming for 2015 miles in 2015 and after the first full week I’m just ahead of the target.

2015 miles 01-11

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