Readers of this blog will have heard me write about Dario Melaragni, who was the organiser of the whw race for the last 10 years. Very Sadly he died yesterday while out running with friends.

There is a series of posts on the whw forum for folk to share their thoughts. This is what I wrote ….

I too was really sad to hear of Dario’s untimely death.

My first contact with Dario, like many of us, was when I first heard about the whw race in Oct 06 and emailed him to find out more. Within a day he had phoned me and we’d had a long chat on the phone and an application was in the post.

Since then I have got to know Dario a lot better and there have been times when I’ve caused him a few headaches with my ‘attempts’ to help things but he was always so encouraging and supportive.

I counted it a real honour when he told me he read my blog regularly and even left a comment on it once!

I have been involved with the race only for the last 3 years but I’m so glad I have as it has given me the opportunity to meet and get to know Dario. I don’t think I really appreciated just how much time and effort he put into the race.

We had a good chat at the post race bbq at Ian & Alison’s after the race and he was full of plans to make the race even bigger and better. There is no doubt that it won’t be quite the same without him but I have a feeling that his leadership and example will guide the race for many years to come.

I really loved the way he made the race so special for everyone. He made it a very competitive race at the top end but also made everyone who took part feel that they were just as important as the winner.

I’m so glad that I counted Dario as a friend and I will greatly miss him.

John Kynaston

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2 Responses to Dario

  1. Andy Kerr says:

    I too am shocked John… I didn't know Dario well at all but any experience I had with him was of his happiness in dealing with ultra runners.

    It was a life lived fully and he will be missed.

    My thoughts are with all members of the WHW family at the moment.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Dario! You spoke of him so often that I felt I knew him a bit myself! -Renita

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