Hill Run Part 2 with Jonny

I went straight from work on Thursday night to Drymen where I met Jonny and we were off by 5pm for our run to Conic Hill and back.

It was still light when we set off but after 45mins or so we needed our head torches.  It was a lovely evening and we were both really enjoying the run. It was a perfect temperature and the stars were out. What a great way to spent Thursday evening!

Jonny is training for this year’s West Highland Way and is going well. I’ve been running regularly with Jonny for the last year and I can see the improvement he has made.  Things are looking good for the big one in June if he keeps the consistency of his training.

I have lent my Garmin 205 to Jonny and he is now on Strava so I can keep an eye on what he is doing!! He ran 20miles on Monday and was chuffed that he was top of the West Highland Way group for a day or two this week!

I’m pleased to report that I hardly felt my hamstring on the run. I say hardly because I can just about feel it and know that if I pushed too hard it could go so I’m being really sensible and staying at a comfortable pace.  We did run all the way up Conic Hill and it felt fine so that was good.

We took 1hr 16mins to run the 6.21miles to the top of the path on Conic Hill and 44mins 42secs back again.  So a great run and Frances had our tea ready when we arrived back  at Kip in The Kirk. Thanks!!

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1 Response to Hill Run Part 2 with Jonny

  1. Rupie says:

    ‘Your body will only go as fast as it’s slowest part.'” Jeff (Train with the Coaches Podcast)

    Eats. shoots and leave’s – please check punctuation

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