Highland Fling Stats

The Highland Fling in 2007 was my very first ultra race and has always been very special to me. I have ran the race 7 times out of the 11 it has been run. I wasn’t involved in the first one in 2006 and I have also marshalled in two others.

Ever since I started running ultras I have enjoyed keeping records both of my own running but also key races I have taken part in.

I have put together a spreadsheet which has all the 11 races and also a summary of personal bests and how many Highland Flings people have run. I must stress that it is unofficial but I’ve taken the stats from the race web site.

If you like looking at these sorts of things then please download it and have a look. If you see any mistakes please let me know. There are a few people who have the same name so I’m not completely sure on some of those.

Summary of all Highland Races 2006 – 2016

Here is a brief summary of how many have started and finished each race ….


For the 2017 race there are 1003 entries.  I thought it would be interesting to see how many have finished the race before.


So well over half have never finished the race before. I haven’t worked out how many of those have started but not finished before.

Here is the spreadsheet of all 2017 entries and their previous Highland Flings

2017 entries with pb’s

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2 Responses to Highland Fling Stats

  1. James mckenzie says:

    Hi john just looking over your Fling post and find that you have missed my race which I ran under Jim mckenzie on 2011 with a time of 11h’s 49min , it really is great to read your comments and training recce runs which I have followed when I was planning to run the ultimate trail in Ambleside , some time’s it’s good to look over some past successes when you’re motivation is low, many thanks, keep the stats up

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