EXCITING NEWS - new Podcast/YouTube channel

Thanks for reading this post whether you are a regular reader or this is your first time clicking on this blog.

I started running ultras in 2007 and right from the start I have enjoyed sharing my journey firstly via this blog and also on my own YouTube channel   where I have posted loads of videos including Race Diaries, Recce Runs, Course reviews etc.

I also started a Podcast  ‘whwrace’ in January 2012 which is now up to 178 episodes.

Doing the recent lockdown I decided to do some live interviews with key Race Directors and ultra runners to help keep the ultra running community together.

During these live interviews it gave me the idea to try and develop my YouTube channel and in particular to produce a weekly news type show highlighting a recent ultra-race.

I was developing this idea when Tim Taylor from Chia Charge got in touch with me and asked me whether I would like to host the podcast they sponsor called ‘Run to the Hills.’

As we shared ideas it was a real win-win situation for us both and basically over the last few weeks, we have worked out a plan. I’m going to work with Chia Charge for one day a week producing a weekly podcast and YouTube channel.

I will be co-hosting the shows with Edwina Sutton who is a very well-known and accomplished ultra-runner and coach.

Each week we will produce a podcast (out on Friday each week) and YouTube episode (uploaded on Saturday each week).

Here is the plan for the first 3 weeks

  • Friday 14th August - Review of North Downs Way 100 with interviews from James Elson (Race Director) as well as the winners and runners from the field
  • Friday 21st August - Get to know your hosts John Kynaston & Edwina Sutton
  • Friday 28th August - Review of Hardmoors 110/160 including live interviews from the weekend

We have lots of ideas of how we can develop the ‘Run to the Hills’ YouTube channel including

  • Monthly Live Interviews - starting in September with an interview with Donnie Campbell
  • Race Reviews
  • Race Recce Runs

How can you help?

Here are a few things that would be great to grow the channel and raise interest

  • Visit the new YouTube channel and subscribe and click the notifications button so we can let you know when we upload new episodes. There are some trailer videos.
  • Please share the channel with your friends via social media. Recommendations are so important and we would love it if you could share our channel.
  • Subscribe to our Podcast  ‘Run to the Hills’ on your favourite Podcast provider.
    • Chris Bland who has been producing the podcast since April is now moving on from Chia Charge and this week (Friday 7th August) will be his last podcast. Chris is going to interview me as a handover.

I have also set up a twitter and Instagram account so please follow us so we can keep in touch

Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy this new venture!





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