Another Video and recovery news

Neal suggested I try putting all my 30min photos together and see how it looked. So I had a go and the result is below. What do you think?

I’m keeping to my rest from running for two weeks. I’ve not been idle though as I’ve been walking quite a bit and I swam 30 lengths last night. I feel I could run but I think two weeks off will do me good.

My final ultra challenge of 2009 is 8 weeks on Saturday so that will be plenty of time to build up to that one.

I really enjoyed watching the Adventure Show on Sunday night. The tribute to Dario at the end was excellent and was well done.

If you missed it it’s on bbc iplayer if you want to watch it.

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2 Responses to Another Video and recovery news

  1. Chris says:

    Lots of smiles…even when you were lost

  2. Davie says:

    I think you just aged about 15 years.
    Mind you, there are one or two when you look a bit like Greg Norman and he aged 30 years in 15 months of marraige!!!

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