Hardmoors 55 Race Video

I went for an easy 5 miler at lunch time today.  My legs felt really good so I’m very happy with my recovery so far. My plan is to do easy runs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday before picking it up a bit next week depending on how I feel.

I enjoyed using my new video camera on Saturday and put together a video diary of the day ….

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4 Responses to Hardmoors 55 Race Video

  1. stevenjjhill says:

    Great video John really enjoyed watching it.
    You looked really fresh throughout and gave a nice flavour of what the course involved.

  2. Thanks for the video, looks like a great day out.

    I’m tempted to get a camera for recording running routes, so I hope you don’t mind a few questions:

    How did you mount/hold the camera when you were taking the running shots?

    How does it compare with using the head mounted camera that you used last year?

  3. Thanks Robert. I enjoyed using the SJ1000 on Saturday. It is really light and takes photos and videos which is helpful. Plus it has a little screen so you can see what you taking.
    I just hold it in my hand. It is so light that it’s not a problem. I t is quite hard to run and keep it really still so I tend to do some clips when I’m walking up a hill!
    I think the quality is a lot better than the head cam one I have been using.

    • Thanks for extra details.

      I wonder if it would be possible to create a home-made mini steady cam mount that you could hold to avoid all the jarring rotations. With such a light camera the counter-balance required would be pretty light. Bare minimum would be a short stick with a mount for the camera and at the other end a weighted ended to provide the counter balance. To use you’d hold the stick between the camera and the counter balance.

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