Guess My Time Entries

Thank you to all those who have entered my fun competition for this Saturday’s Hardmoors 60 race.  I think this must be the highest number of entries I’ve ever had.

There is a total of 105 entries broken down as follows …

  • sub 11hrs - 4
  • 11hrs -11hrs 30mins - 13
  • 11hrs 30mins - 12hrs - 35
  • 12hrs - 12hrs 30mins - 36
  • 12hrs 30mins - 13hrs - 14
  • over 13hrs - 3

Here is the full list ….. 

GMT Hm 60 page1


GMT Hm60 page 2

GMT Hm 60 page 3

Thanks again for all your guesses. I’ll post my time sometime on Saturday night …. or if it’s gone really badly early Sunday morning!!

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3 Responses to Guess My Time Entries

  1. Heather Orr says:

    Am I too late?!? I guess 11hrs 13 min and 41 seconds! Goodluck John - on the 60 and the Grand Slam!

  2. DebsM-C says:

    Very best of luck. Have a great run.

  3. Wow, I was so close. Well done John!

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