Early morning run with Marco

Yesterday Marco asked me whether I was running today and asked to join me.  I’ve know Marco and Debs for over 6 years and I always enjoy running with them.  It has a real privilege to watch them improve year on year. This year they both won the Lakeland 100 in July and just recently Marco won the Winter 100 and Debs was 2nd in the Ladies race.

Marco arrived right on 7am and we set off on a 10mile run.  Last week I did this same route at 8:13 pace but I suspected it would be a bit quicker today and I was right! We averaged 7:40 pace but I felt okay.

We spent the whole time chatting. Well to be more accurate I asked the questions and Marco did most of the talking!! It was great to hear more about the Lakeland 100 and Winter 100 wins.

We also spent time chatting about our training and how it has changed and developed over the last few years. For me one of the biggest changes has been my Ben Lomond runs which have helped strengthen my quads.

I would say for Marco one of the big changes has been in his planning. A few years ago Marco had a very structured plan which he felt he needed to follow come what may. Now he has his long back to back runs at the weekend planned but the rest of the week he is more flexible and is willing to change things depending on how he feels.

We both agreed that having some rest days and easy weeks is really important especially as you get older.  Marco is 40 in a couple of weeks so he’ll experience more of that as he joins the Vets category!!

So thanks for another great run Marco and I appreciate you taking it easy with me!

You can see from the selfie I took at the end who was working harder!!

marco 1 nov


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