Guess My Time - Hardmoors 55

This will be my first proper ultra of the year after a couple of ‘virtual’ races in the summer.

I love the Hardmoors 55 having run it 6 times before. This race was due to be in March but it was postponed to October.

I’m really looking forward to running the course from Guisborough to Helmsley again. It will be interesting to see what the conditions will be like in October rather than March.

It is fair to say it can’t be any worse than 2018 when I ran with Katrina and the race was stopped at Kildale due to the ‘Beast from the East.’ Then last year in 2019 we had rain and wind in our faces for the whole route!!

Here is a summary of my 6 Hardmoors 55 races

To help you with my ‘Guess My Time’ competition were you have to guess how long it will take me to run the 55 miles here are my bronze, silver and gold goals.

I have the South Downs Way 100 two weeks after the Hardmoors 55 so I’m going to take it a little easier that I normally would as I want to be able to recover in time for the longer race.

  • Bronze - sub 13hrs
  • Silver - sub 12hrs 30mins
  • Gold - sub 12hrs is once again providing a great prize. This time it is an Ultimate Direction Ultra Belt 5.0

Plus a limited edition key ring!

So please send you guess by 5pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020 by

  • leaving a comment on this post
  • Facebook
  • Twitter - @jkynaston
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Text - 07905 218162
  • any other method!


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27 Responses to Guess My Time - Hardmoors 55

  1. Jo Rowan says:

    Hi john, good luck with your race, I know you will enjoy it!!
    Jonnys guess 13:13:12
    My guess 12:55:15
    Many thanks jo
    Jo Rowan

  2. Kelly sullavan says:

    Hi John I’m going to say 11:14:30
    Looking forward to Saturday may see you there

  3. Lee Dunstall says:

    12:10…but hope you get the sub 12.
    Hope to see you in 2 weeks time. Really enjoying your podcasts.
    Stay safe and finish strong for this weekend.

  4. Steve Chaplin says:

    Hi John… my guess will be 12.23.28
    I am starting in the group 2 mins behind you , so will hopefully be able to say hi and good luck at the start.

  5. John haggarty says:

    Hi John, best of luck with your run. My guess is 12:43:32.hopefully you will get a run with good weather. Thanks john Haggarty

  6. Melissa says:

    All the best


  7. Gareth Swain says:

    13:04:00 Good luck👍

  8. David Simpson says:

    Hi John, best wishes for a great day and a swift time. I guess 12:18:00

  9. Lotty Bradford says:

    12:29 is my guess John

    Best of luck and fingers crossed the weather is kind to you this year!

    Run strong

  10. Robert Snodgrass says:

    13:01:40 good luck John

  11. Sharon says:

    I’m going for 12.55h good luck

  12. Ann Brown says:

    Good luck John. I say 13.39 hrs.

  13. Thomas O’Brien says:

    Good luck 11:10:49.
    You will be like a coiled up spring on the starting line.

  14. Nige Burke says:


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