Preparing for Cateran 55

My plan for this taper week is an easy run today and then Wednesday. I needed to pay a cheque into the bank so decided to run to Paisley town centre after work, pay in the cheque and run home.

It was a lovely sunny evening and I was feeling good but quite surprised to see that I’d averaged 7.25 pace for the run.

I like to prepare as well as I can for the ultras I take part in. Even though I’ve done this race once before in 2010 I was keen to do a recce run on the route which I did a few weeks ago covering the last 30 miles.

My kit is all sorted now that I’ve decided to go with the Sketcher Go Ultra 2 model.  I’ll decide on the day which jacket I take.  If it looks like any sort of rain I’ll take my OMM Kamleika Jacket. If not I’ll take my lighter Montane one.

For food I’ll be using the drop bags and this is what I’ll put in them ….

Cateran drop bags

I have my plan for a sub 10hrs finish but I’ll be working to heart rate so I won’t be looking at my mini-splits too closely.  I found in the recent Hardmoors race I enjoyed checking them after I went through the checkpoint to give me an idea of how I was getting on.

I didn’t do any mini-splits last time I did the race so I only have the main checkpoints until Den of Alyth.  Times down the left hand column are from 2010 which will give me an idea of I’m doing in comparison to that race.

Cateran plan 1

Cateran plan 2

One of the other things I like to do is have a look at those who have entered the race and see how many have run before.

So I took the stats from the race web site and compiled my own spread sheet all of all the finishers. Then merged it with those who have entered.  If you like this sort of thing feel free to download and have a look.

Cateran all pb’s from 2009-2014

Start list for 2015 with previous times

According to this sheet 32 of the 102 entries have run before which means there are 70 who are attempting to finish for the first time.

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4 Responses to Preparing for Cateran 55

  1. How did you work out the splits? They look to assume the same speed of start and a stronger finish, with you 6 minutes up at half way and 16 minutes at the finish.

    If you applied the same splits delta as for the last year’s and this year’s H55 you’d be just a couple minutes up at the mid point, but ended up 35 minutes faster making up the bulk of the bulk of the time in the second half.

    You had quite a good race at last year H55, was it comparable in quality and pace profile to your previous performance at the Cateran? If you felt that last year’s H55 had a stronger finish then even using the two H55’s races as a template for split differences would be an under estimate of how strongly you might be able to finish.

    The reason why I mention this is that if you aren’t 6 minutes up at half way but am feel like you are running well within yourself just like you did at this years H55 you could still be on for a time well under your previous Cateran time and faster than your suggested splits for 9:57.

    Can’t wait to find out how you get on. Fingers crossed you’re in for another great day.

    Will there be any online tracking of the race?

    • Thanks Robert. The splits are a bit of guess work based on my 2010 run and my recce run a few weeks ago. But the key thing is I’m not going to worry too much about the splits. I’ll carry them with me but only look at them once I’ve been through the marker as a guide. If I’m down at half way but feeling good it won’t be a negative as hopefully I’ll have a stronger second half like the Hardmoors.

      Regarding online tracking … there isn’t any in this race. The splits are done manually but I think you will be able to follow me via Strava if you want. I’m having trouble downloading my stats from my Suunto so I’ve been running with the starva app on my phone as well as my watch. If you have the strava app on your phone and have it on runners you are following I think you should be able to get live tracking.

      I’m doing my final taper run tomorrow morning around Brodie Park leaving at 7am so if you read this in time and are up have a go and see if you can follow me. Let me know if it works!

      • Did check my phone/email till 8:30am so missed your run. I have done a search on my Strava app on my phone and could spot a feature for live tracking, also did a search online and couldn’t find any reference on strava forums for live tracking.

        One thing you’ll need to watch with Strava recording on your phone is battery life, as GPS recording can drain the battery pretty quick on some phones, I suspect you’ll be find but it might be worth double checking. My MotoG handled the Fling without problem, but ran out during the WHWR last year, so had to get a battery pack for the last leg from Lundavra.

  2. A pot of baked beans and an Orange. Only in an ultra will you find these two things on the same menu 🙂 Good luck with the race, really glad I discovered your blog thanks for sharing all your insights and preparation. It is helping this newbie to become more addicted to ultra’s.

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