LOVEultras 004 Cracknel or Fogle

For episode 004 of my LOVEultras series I have tried to answer the question of what I think about when I’m running. To help with the answer I have used an example of James Cracknell and Ben Fogle when they rowed across the Atlantic.

It lasts for 11mins 37 secs. I hope you enjoy it!

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One Response to LOVEultras 004 Cracknel or Fogle

  1. Graham Dawson says:

    Really like this video. The kit stuff is interesting but we can all see what people choose to wear and carry. Not so easy to see what others carry in their heads!

    I too like to split the race down. Invariably I concentrate so hard on the details such as splits, drinking and eating at the right time, pace and effort levels, navigation etc that I am invariably amazed that I have been running for 4 hours, 10 hours or whatever it might be. When non runners or non Ultra runners ask what I think about on a run my usual answer is that there is so much in the race to focus on that even in a 100k race I haven’t got the time to think of anything else!

    Keep up the good work, some really interesting insights.


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