Marcothon Challenge

Over the last number of years our good friends Marco and Debs Martin-Consani have organised and challenged friends near and far to run at least 3 miles (or 25mins) every day on December.

One year I set out to do it but had a niggle so decided not to make it worse. To be honest I feel my rest days from running are important to my long term fitness so I’ve not taken part.

My ankle is getting better but it’ not 100% yet so I don’t want to start running properly but I am walking most days and within my walk I’m starting to jog a bit and it feels okayish.

So I decided to join the Marcothon but I’m going to walk / jog at least 3miles a day. Hopefully as the month goes on I’ll be able to run more than I walk.

I have my appointment with the orthotic specialist on Monday to get the results of my x-ray and MRI scan. I’m looking forward to finding out if they have found anything! Then the following Monday I have an appointment to get some new orthotics which I’m hoping will help.

So here is a summary of Day 1 and Day of my Marcothon Challenge ….

Day 1

Lunchtime walk / jog (including an 8 mins visit to a school)

Day 1

Day 2

Morning walk / jog from home

Day 2

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