Tuesday: Recovery Run

Time: 12.05pm
Route: Pollok Park loop
Run Distance: 4.58miles
Time Run: 40mins 53secs (average pace - 8.56)

I was going to spent some time on this post reflecting on Saturday’s run and the lessons I’ve learnt but after eating my tea and washing up it’s almost time to sit down and watch Barcelona vs Chelsea so the reflection will have to wait until tomorrow!

My recovery from Saturday is going well. Sunday I went for an easy walk with Katrina for 30mins or so. Yesterday evening I went swimming with Chris. We chatted about the race as we swam an easy breast stroke. Then after a quick sit in the sauna we did a few quicker lengths. I dsicoverd Chris is a very good swimmer! His breast stroke was quicker than my front crawl!!

As my legs were feeling good I decided to go for a very easy run at lunch time. I could feel the odd twinge and so made sure I ran very easy and didn’t push at all. I made that mistake 2 years ago and do not want to repeat it!

For the rest of the week I plan an another easy run on Wednesday night with Chris and Neal?? Then another easy run on Friday and Sunday. That should give me 20 miles or so for the week.

Right I’m off to watch the Football ….

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1 Response to Tuesday: Recovery Run

  1. hi John,
    Thanks for the kind offer as regards the FLING, I will give the race some serious thought, I would like to do it either next year or when I turn 50 in 2011.
    cheers RICK

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