Friday: Recovery Run

Time: 12.15pm
Route: Bellahouston Park
Run Distance: 5.58miles
Time Run: 46mins 20secs (8.19 pace)

I was able to get out and have a run at lunch time today on Bellahouston Park. I wore my trail shoes and ran on the grass around the Park. My legs have good and I ran nice and easy. Next week I’ll be building up the mileage and effort!

We are a quarter of the way through the year and so I thought it would be be good to review where I am with my 2009 training plan and challenge to run 5 ultras to celebrate my 50th birthday!

Here is the graph of my April runs ….

Here is the gragh of all my runs from the beginning of January to the end of April ….

So I have ran 846 miles so far this year. At the same stage last year I’d run 903 miles. Is it too simple to say that the 57 miles resulted in the 5mins shy of last year’s Fling time? I suppose it is a bit simple to equate total mileage but it is interesting.

My plan for next 3 weeks is to raise the mileage 60, 55 and 95 miles. The last week will include my 2 day run on the route. Then it will be 4 weeks before the race and time to start thinking about tapering (or lower indensity conditioning) in time for Saturday 20th June.

Finally here is a graph of my hits on this blog for April. A real peak after the Highland Fling race! Thanks for all those who visit.

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