Plans for the big one

I left my bike at work tonight and ran home along the cycle track. It fits in well with my day to run home and run back in tomorrow. I extended the route home so making it just over 7miles. Legs felt good but I made sure I ran it nice and steady.

Now that the Cateran Trail is done and dusted my attention is fully on the big one - the whw race which is just over four weeks away. This will be the fourth year I have run the race and I would love to continue my sequence of going faster each year but I know this will be the biggest challenge yet.

I received an email with our Runner and Support briefing from Sean this week. It is very thorough with a few changes from previous years. I have arranged a get together on Friday 28th May with my friends and family who are supporting me.
We have decided to reduce the size of our support team this year as it is becoming more difficult for the organisation of the race. So Katrina, Jono & Jo will look after me from the start to Rowardennan and then Stevie and David M will take over from Auchtertyre to the end. Stevie has supported me for each of the last three races with Donald.
This year Donald has a big orienteering event that clashes so David M has kindly agreed to step in. I suspect one day David will want to do the full race having done the Fling a few weeks ago so it will be good for him to see what it’s like. Well that was my argument when asking him to give up a weekend for me!
This year my number is 82 which was allocated on an alphabetical basis.
I’ve been looking at my training plan between now and the race and trying to decide how much to do and what sort of taper to work on. My basic plan is as follows …
This week …. 35-40miles mainly easy runs with 10miles on the Braes on Sunday
Next week … 60-65miles including 30mile on the whw on Fri 28th May
Week beginning 31st May - 35-40miles with a 12-15mile run on the Braes
Week beginning 7th June - 25-30miles with a 10k trail race with Katrina on the Sunday
Week beginning 14th June - RACE week - just one easy run on Tuesday before the race.
In the past few years I’ve done a night run from Milngavie to Balmaha as my last long run but this year I’m keener to do a section on the route in daylight to work on my pacing. So I’m planning Balmaha to Inversnaid and back. Marco is planning to join me so no doubt we’ll spend the most of the run talking about how we are going to run our race. Can’t wait.
That will be last long run three weeks before the race. Hopefully that will be enough time for my legs to recover. The aim is always to try and get to the start line as fit and healthy as possible. Not as easy as it sounds.
7.34 in 58mins 00secs (7.55pace)
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3 Responses to Plans for the big one

  1. kate says:

    just a quick question john, do many people use 'pacers' from their support team?

  2. Hi Kate

    The rule is that if you are within 4hrs of the leader at a checkpoint then you can't have a support runner with you.

    I think the majority of those who are over 4hrs behind the leader after Auchtertyre do have support runner with them.

    So it all depends on how quick you are planning to go?

    My first year I had a support runner from Victoria Bridge and it did help me but to be honest I enjoy the challenge of trying to do without.

    It's great to see my team at check points but the race is mine and there is something special about doing it with a support runner but that's just my opinion!

  3. kate says:

    thanks john. i know what you mean about wanting to do it on your 'own'. but i think i'm gonna need all the help i can get.

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