Cateran Trail results and lessons learnt

After going for easy walks on Sunday and Monday I was ready to get out running again today. My legs felt good but I took it nice and steady and enjoyed my run in the sunshine. I should have worn a vest as the t-shirt was soaking by the end!

The official results with splits from the Cateran Trail Ultramarathon were posted on the web site yesterday.

Friends of this blog would be disappointed (??!) if I didn’t have a play with them and add in some extra columns! So I did and are the spreadsheets …

1. Results with positions at each checkpoint

I always find these really interesting, trying to work out who went off too quick and paid for it (Alun M??). Who set off comfortably and worked their way through the field (Peter D).

I was happy with my positions as I went from 16th at the first check point to 15th to 12th to 11th to 9th. The only person to overtake me after the first check point was Peter who went from 30th at the first checkpoint to 8th by the end. An impressive run.

2. Results with leg times and positions

This sheet is also interesting as I worked out the leg times. I divided the route into 4 sections. The middle two sections were my best ones in relation to the field (9th and 10th quickest). My worse section in relation to the field was the last 5.94miles.

To be honest though I think the majority of the time I lost on that last section was the long downhill at the end. I knew I didn’t run that very well plus I lost some time with my ‘tingling hands’

But overall I’m happy with what the splits revealed.

I also like to look back on my ultra races and see what I can learn. I have decided that the main thing I learnt was about my pace.

I compared my average pace from The Fling three weeks ago when I started pushing from the start with the Cateran when I deliberately set off at a steady/easy pace.

Here is a graph comparing the two races ….

The straightish red line of the Cateran shows that I was able to maintain my pace right through the majority of the race. It did go up sharply at the end but again the long hill had an effect there.

The blue line from the Fling also tell its own story! See how sharply is rises and once again proves that for me it just doesn’t pay to go off too quickly. I know it can work for others but not for me. So I’ll be going to back to my plan that worked for the past couple of years. Start steady and work on the mantra of ‘getting as far as I can as easily as possible’.

I found this graph really helpful so watch out as I might have a look at some other races and see what my average pace tells me!

Tues 18th May Run details

6.7miles in 51mins 34secs (7.42pace)

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1 Response to Cateran Trail results and lessons learnt

  1. Johann says:

    Thanks for sharing all the details. Starting easy works for me as well.

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