Cateran Trail Route and photos

For those who would like to see the route here it is …..

If you want to see it on google earth click on the arrow by Terrain (top right of map) and select hydrid google. You can also zoom in to your heart’s content!

There have been some great photos posted on the Cateran Trail web site.
Here is the link to them …
Set one of photos (Taken by Vicky Hart)
Set two of photos (not sure who took these ones!)
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3 Responses to Cateran Trail Route and photos

  1. Johann says:

    Congratulations, you really did well! Thanks for sharing all this info.

  2. stanb says:


    Your bad run is well behind you. You were moving very smoothly whenever I saw you.

    Sorry to Katrina that I couldn't make her a cup of tea!


  3. lesleyh says:

    Great run John well done. Good to meet you Friday night. The second set of sets was taken by Carnegie Harrier Kieran Morgan.

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