Running in Bali

We have been in Bali, Indonesia for just over a week and are having a great time. Emma and Yonas’ wedding was superb. I’ve been posting photos on Facebook if you have access to that and are my ‘friend’.

I decided before I came that any running would be a bonus. During the first 5 days we stayed in a hotel on a very busy road in Kuta and it wasn’t really possible to run with all the traffic.  I did have one 30min run on the beach though.

I hadn’t planned to so I didn’t have my kit. I decided to run barefoot on the sand and it was good fun though I did get a small blister under my big toe on my left foot!

I ran out for 15mins against the wind and back with the wind assisting. It was quite hot but not too bad as I didn’t push too hard.

For the past 3 days we have been staying at Ubud which is higher up and a lot less crowded. We are staying in a small house just over a mile out of the town.

This morning I was up and out by 6.45am for a run.  I worked out a 5mile loop which involved a few hills up and down. It was really fun running through some smaller villages, greeting kids as they made their way to school. No doubt I was a topic of conversation in the playground.

I ran 5.45miles in 42mins 38secs.  I was interested to see that my heart rate was 144 for the run which is a lot higher than it would normally be for a run of that length and effort.  So either I’ve lost a bit of fitness or the warmer climate affects me.

Today we are travelling with Emma and Yonas to Malang.  It is a 10hr journey! Emma has promised me the are some good places to run from their house so I’m looking forward to trying them.

I’m home on Saturday 20th July and will then have 8 weeks to build up to my next ultra, the 100k race in the Lake District. So that will be just about right.

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