Review of Matrix Energy Boost Drink

A few months ago Supplementcentreblog got in touch after reading my blog and offered to supply one of their products for me to review.

I looked through their list of products and felt that the Matrix Energy Boost would be the most beneficial to me so I asked to try this one.

Matrix Energy Boost

Like most runners I’m always on the look out for a product, training method or gear to help me in my ultra running but I’ve also been running long enough to know that there is no ‘magical’ formula that will change me into a world beater! But if I can find something that will increase my performance by 5% or so then it is worth it.

One of the key factors in ultra running is the nutrition side of things.  When you are running for over 20hrs then you need to find a way to replace the energy you are using.  I’ve tried lots of different things and to be honest I’ve moved away from energy drinks and gels and have relied more on ‘normal’ food and water …. plus Coke!

I was interested to read about the Energy Boost drink ……

Matrix Energy Boost is a carbohydrate and vitamin energy drink with added caffeine, designed to prevent the onset of physical and mental fatigue whilst also providing effective rehydration. Matrix Energy Boost is a cutting edge new sports drink which has taken into account all the nutrients required to help you sustain physical exertion for prolonged periods. Energy Boost does this all in a refreshing light tasting beverage ideal for use during any type of physical activity.

  • Carbo-Energy Blend – Fructose, Maltodextrin, and Dextrose come together to provide a multi-stage release carbohydrate matrix, ensuring elevated blood glucose levels are sustained.
  • High in Caffeine – Energy Boost provides 60mg of Caffeine per serving which not only focuses the mind on the task in hand, but also stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids which can then be used as energy.
  • Hydration – Matrix salt blend helps prevent hyponatremia by providing effective hydration, this is important in terms of sustaining physical effort.

Who is Matrix Energy Boost ideal for?

Matrix Energy Boost is a supplement for us as an energy source during prolonged exercise, particularly sports such as endurance based cycling and running. Alternatively it is also an effective recovery supplement to replenish muscle glycogen stores and rehydrate blood plasma after exercise.

If it does what it says on the tin then it definitely should help!  I received the product a week or so before the Ultimate Trails Race in September but I didn’t want to use something on a race that I’ve not tried in training so I left it until I started building up to the Hardmoors 30 race.

So for the six weeks before the race and the race itself I used the Energy Boost on my long runs.  The product comes in a power form with a handy scoop. You mix one scoop with 500ml of water.  For longer runs and the race itself I put a scoop of the product in a freezer bag and added water when needed.

One of the main factors for me of whether I would use a product like this is the taste.  For my first West Highland Way Race in 2007 I used an energy drink flavoured orange but it had such a strong taste that my mouth was sore after about 15hrs and I really struggled to drink it.  I remember having to take a swig of water each time to try and swallow it.

So I was really pleased to find that the taste was excellent.  I have the orange flavour but it is not overpowering at all.  For me it has just the right taste.  I could drink it really easily and it felt very refreshing. For the Hardmoors 30 race I drank three 500ml bottles over the 5hrs.  It was a cold day so I didn’t feel the need to drink more than that but I would expect to drink more on a warmer day.

I find it hard to identify just one factor in a specific race.  I had trained well for this race, ran at a sensible pace and finished strong despite the weather and mud over the final 10miles but I do feel the energy drink helped significantly with my performance.

Throughout the race I only ate a hand full of sweets and 2 small flapjacks.  If I was only drinking water I’m sure I would have struggled more with lack of energy that I did particularly over the latter part of the race.

I suppose the only way to really know the benefit of the product is to do similar races one with and one without but keep everything else the same but that’s hard to do!!

My next race is the Hardmoors 55 race in March so I’m definitely going to carry on using the Energy Boost drink in my training and for the race itself.  It will be interesting to see how it tastes after 10hrs of running.

In conclusion I would say if anyone is looking for an energy drink then I would certainly recommend trying the Matrix Energy Boost drink.  I have been really pleased so so far and will be continuing to use the drink on my long runs and races this year.

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