Jon & Shirley Steele’s Wedding weekend

Katrina & I were back down to North Yorkshire for the wedding of Jon & Shirley Steele, who organise all the Hardmoors Races. They had asked me to conduct their wedding service at Lord Stones which was such a privilege.

There were about 75 guests for the afternoon and almost 100 for the evening.  It all took place inside a Yurt which had been set up right on the Hardmoors route.


I really enjoyed leading the service as there was such a great atmosphere with so many friends and family of Jon and Shirley present.

wedding 1

Katrina took this photo and was very pleased that the light shone through the roof right on on Shirley!!

It was a stunning location for the photos and the weather was superb.

weding 2

After the food and speeches one of their friends had organised a aeroplane stunt pilot to do a acrobatic show above. It was amazing and a total surprise to Jon & Shirley.  Here are all the guest watching the show …

wedding 3

The evening was great fun as well and the wedding celebrations weren’t over yet. On Sunday Jon & Shirley had organised a wedding race at 2pm! Almost 100 friends and family came along for a 3 mile or 7 mile run along the 3 sisters.

As you can see from the photo below it was a fancy dress run. Frocks and bow ties were the order of the day.

run 1It was a hilly 7 miles route and very hot ..

run 2

As it was an out and back I was able to get a photo of most of the runners. I’ve put the photos on my Facebook page.

run 3

I dressed as a Vicar and Katrina enjoyed running in her flowing white dress.  We are told that we looked pretty good from a distance in our black and white against the blue sky!!

run 5

At the end of the run we all lined up to cheer Jon & Shirley home …

run 4

It was such a great weekend and it was so much fun being involved with Jon & Shirley’s special day. Thanks for inviting us Jon & Shirley!


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