Plans for the next few weeks

This morning I was out for an hour or so before heading off for my swimming lessons. I wasn’t sure what session to do but as soon as I set off I realised that my calves were a little sore after Thursday’s run so decided to run nice and steady.

It always amazes me how specific running is. Over the last few months in building up to the HM 110 I haven’t run faster than 7.45 pace at all.  This past week I’ve pushed the pace a bit more in preparation for the Rouken Glen 10k and I can feel my calves.

Running sub 7min per mile pace uses the legs in a different way and so the soreness shows itself differently.  I’m looking forward to Thursday’s race.  I’ve not done this race before. The route has changed and is now basically two laps of the park ….

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 18.34.24

Now that the HM 110 is out of the way I’ve been thinking about my build up to my next main race Hardmoors 60 on Saturday 20th September.  I also have the Tour of Skiddaw on Saturday 23rd August which I’m running with Katrina as a team.

I wanted to have a different focus for the next 5-6 weeks before starting a 10week build up to the Hardmoors 60 with the Tour of Skiddaw part of that plan. The first 3 weeks of that build up will be when the Commonwealth Games is on so it may be I can’t really get going until after that.  We’ll see how things work out.

The Girvan Half Marathon is on Sunday 13th July which was perfect but we have a couple of family commitments that day so I’m not able to run that race now.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find anything around that time to aim for.  So if anyone knows of any races in July please let me know! Midweek preferably!


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1 Response to Plans for the next few weeks

  1. SH says:

    Short race for you John but the Irvine 5 Mile Road Race is on Monday 21st July.

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