Recovery Runs

With the final race in the Hardmoors Grand Slam the HM 60 just 4 weeks from the Grand Tour of Skiddaw race I knew I wanted to get running straight away.  So this week I’ve had two 5 mile runs and at the weekend I plan a 9 mile and an 11 mile run up on the Braes.

I’ve been really pleased with how my legs have recovered from Saturday’s race. Admittedly I was running easier than if I was on my own but it was still over 11hrs on my feet covering 46 hilly miles.

Here is my plan for the four weeks between the two races ….plan for HM60

The key sessions are going to be the two Ben Lomond Runs and my off road runs at the weekend. Next Wednesday I’m going to do a double Ben Lomond like I did before the HM 100.  This time I’ll go up the Ptarmigan Ridge and down the tourist path both times.  The following week I’ll just it once.

The weekend 6th/7th September we are going to support and help marshall at the Glenmore 12/24hr races.  I’m planning to run a number of laps either supporting friends or just having a run on my own.

This week is the race in France.  The big race is the UTMB and I know a number of people who are running.  I’ll be posting updates on Facebook on the Scottish Ultra Runners on Tour even though they are not all Scottish!  If you want to follow runners either go the race web site or our Facebook page.

UTMB courses

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