Guess My Time - Cateran 55

Thank you for all those who have entered my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition for the Cateran 55 Ultra Race.

Here is a list of all the guesses I have received …

  • (Please note if you sent me a guess in the last 24hrs I will add it to this list)
  • Dave Troman’s arrived after I did this. Dave guessed 9:44:13
  • Jonathan Gibson’s also arrived in time. 9:42:34

GMT Cateran 1GMT Cateran 2GMT 3

The 97 guesses break down as follows ….

  • under 9:30 - 10 guesses
  • between 9:30 and 9:45 - 21 guesses
  • between 9:45 and 10:00 - 37 guesses
  • between 10:00 and 10:15 - 22 guesses
  • over 10:15 - 7 guesses

So the majority of times are in the 15mins under 10hrs.

There has been a little discussion on Facebook as to which is the harder the Highland Fling or the Cateran. I posted that before I did the Cateran in 2010 that it would be easier but in that year I did both and my times were within a minute of each other.

  • 2010 Highland Fling - 10:14:09
  • 2010 Cateran - 10:14:41

I also thought that the Hardmoors 55 is very similar to the Fling and by the above to the Cateran so I’m wondering how my 9:35:40 in this year’s Hardmoors will equate to the Cateran on Saturday.  There is only one way to find out!!

Finally I’d like to wish all the runners both the in 110 which starts on Friday night and the 55 a great race - I look forward to seeing some of you on the trail.

Thanks also to Karen and her army of volunteers who give up their time to organise this great race so we can run safely.  Karen posted that she used 121 polly pockets in putting together her information packs for the volunteers.


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1 Response to Guess My Time - Cateran 55

  1. Wow 88 people out of 95 think you’ll get a PB, no pressure there 🙂

    I’d take this as widespread confidence in your current fitness and skills as an ultra runner. Personally, even if you have a bit of an off day you’ll still put away a very respectable time as you’ve built such a solid foundation. Fingers crossed that things will go like clock work and you’ll enjoy the whole day.

    BTW, next year you’ll need to do the Fling and WHWR once again, just so we can calibrate how the H55, Cateran and Fling and WHWR all compare w.r.t finishing times… And yes I do think a sub 10hr Fling and sub 20hr WHWR are perfectly possible.

    Best of luck to you and the rest of the 55 and 110 runners this weekend 😉

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