Guess My Time Entries

The Lakeland 100 race is now 35hrs away! I’ve packed all my gear into various bags (race kit, general clothes, post race kit) etc. It always feels a bit strange this close to a big race. It is constantly on my thoughts but everyone else are busy getting on with their lives.

It will be good to chat with Jonny on the way down and then chill out with Dave & Tracey tonight. By the time we get to Coniston tomorrow and the atmosphere builds I’ll be raring to go …. then I’ll need to reign it in as I don’t want to go off too quick!!

Thank you for everyone who has sent in a guess.  I have 67 entries and here is the full list. If I missed anyone please let me know!GMT 1GMY 2

This is how they break down …

  • sub 28hrs - 6 guesses
  • 28-29hrs - 17 guesses
  • 29-30hrs - 27 guesses
  • 30hrs and over - 16 guesses
  • DNF - 1 guess (thanks Neal!!)

Fastest guess 27:13:00 (now that would be amazing!!) to slowest guess 35:37:39 (it would still be a finish!!)

I really am looking forward to seeing how it all goes. I know it is going to hurt but that’s part of the fun somehow. How you deal with the setbacks, the pain, the low points is what makes ultra running so fascinating to me.

I would like to wish everyone involved with the race - runners, marshals, supporters etc a great weekend. I look forward to meeting up with old friends and making new friends.

Next post …. the result!!

As you would hopefully expect there will be a full race report whatever happens and I do plan to do a video diary throughout the race.

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3 Responses to Guess My Time Entries

  1. Keith Harris says:

    Hi John, I posted a comment on the 27th June. Time of 30:40:45 .You missed me out !! Dont bother amending the list I’m sure you have enough on your mind as it is ! Have a great race , I hope it all goes well for you. Keith

  2. Graeme says:

    Good luck for the race this weekend!

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