Lakeland 100 update

I’m not long home after another amazing experience at the Lakeland 100 race in Coniston.

Full report and video diary to come but the basic details …

I finished in 60th place (out of 302 who started - 209 finished) in a time of 29hrs 36mins 25secs.

Thanks to Dave Troman for the photo

I was very happy as sub 30hrs was my goal.


Congratulations to Hugh Cook whose guess of 29:37:00 was the closet. Hugh also ran the Lakeland 100 finishing in 32:39:43. A new pair of Hoka’s and the all important key ring will be on the way to you soon!

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2 Responses to Lakeland 100 update

  1. Well done on your excellent time in the Lakeland 100 John. Your training, planning and execution of the race was perfect. Sorry to Lindsay MacNeil, who missed out on the guess your time comp by 3 seconds…

  2. Hester says:

    Thanks for your company to Wasdale John. I feel a prize idiot not realising that they were your videos but am rather pleased to have made it into your blog 🙂 They did help and I’m surprised how things looked familiar as a result, they’re a great resource. Thanks for all the post race statistics too. I find them fascinating and I’m so pleased with how I did considering I thought this would be my first dnf. Well done on your race, great result! Hope to see again you on a mountain somewhere soon.

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