Weekend end in Inverness

I had my second recovery run on Friday morning before work. I ran just over 5 miles and felt okay. My shin is fine but I feel a bit sluggish. Hopefully another week or so and my legs will remember how to run!

We were up to Inverness for the weekend to visit Jo, Jono and our two week old grandson Seth. Plus our youngest daughter Hollie was there too as she starts her first teaching job tomorrow at Halkirk (5 miles south of Thurso!).

We had a great weekend with lots of cuddles. It’s great to see Jo & Jono as parents. They are doing a great. We also visited Ryan, Becki, Chloe & Orrin Mackenzie. Orrin is just over 6 months old and full of energy!

I went out for a run this morning. Jo & Jono live very close to the Culloden Woods so I have a circuit I can do a couple of times.  I stopped to take some photos and try out the slowmo video on my new phone!

route - 08-16

Legs felt more responsive this morning so that was good.

Finally a picture of the proud grandparents with Seth …with seth

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