Plan for Hardmoors 160

This week has been Taper week 1 and I’ve run every other day Monday, Wednesday and today (Friday). I’ve run just over 5 miles each time and really just ticking over.

I’ve also been working out my plans for the race. On Tuesday night Katrina and I had a good chat with Andy and Sarah via Skype. I’m so pleased they have offered to support me throughout the weekend.

Andy & Sarah ran the race last year and are so positive and upbeat that I know they will be able to encourage me to keep on track. I also know that if it gets tough they will have a no nonsense approach to keep me going!

Andy & Sarah’s opening comment was,

We are here to help you achieve your goal and so our needs are secondary. If you want us to run with you we will but only if you need us. We are here to help you.

I really appreciate that and thank them again for being willing to support me throughout the weekend. Katrina is coming down by train on Saturday as she can’t get the Friday off work. She will meet us at Saltburn so will join us for the second night which will be a great boost!

For my plan I’m going to be aiming to run to a heart rate of 120 and that will be my main priority especially for the first 10 hours or so but I do like to have a plan to help the support team as much as me.

So this is my ‘rough’ plan based on my gold time of sub 42hrs ….

hm160 plan

It will be interesting to see how the reality compares to the plan. There are trackers on the day so if you want to follow me throughout the weekend you can.

Jon & Shirley have posted the race numbers today. I am number 31 and there are 35 starters for the HM 160 and 8 Relay teams.

The Hardmoors 110 starts from Filey at 8am so according to my plan I should be about 3 and half hours ahead of the leaders so it will be fun to see when they catch me!

I have had 112 guesses so far for my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. Thank you for those who have entered. If you want to send in a guess you have until 6pm on Wednesday 27th April.



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